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Specializing in Thermador Appliance Repair & Installation

Throughout 100-plus years of continuous operation, Thermador has earned a well-deserved reputation for top-quality major appliances that frequently introduce new features to the residential and commercial market. Anyone who owns one of these appliances has made a major financial commitment.

This means that, when problems occur, owners of Thermador products have a very real need to find qualified repair professionals who truly understand how these products function. When you need Thermador repair services you can trust, call on the Los Angeles-area experts at West Coast Chief Repair.

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, you’ll find a targeted approach to major appliance repair that fully accounts for the technological features of the products you have installed. Where a lesser service provider might overlook important details and make avoidable mistakes, we focus on efficient, brand-specific service that gets your valuable Thermador appliance up and running ASAP.

Thermador Cooking Appliances

Range Repair

Thermador is well-known for its line of professional-grade home and commercial ranges. These premium products — available in gas-only, propane-only, and dual-fuel models — come with a range of unique features, including:

  • Extremely powerful 22,000-BTU Star burners
  • Ovens that combine steam technology and convection technology, and
  • Highly adjustable Extra Low temperature controls

Our targeted repair solutions can address problems with any of these Thermador-only options, as well as the problems common to all types of fuel-powered ranges.

Rangetop & Cooktop Repair

Thermador’s many rangetop and cooktop offerings include gas-powered models, electricity-powered models, and models that feature advanced induction-cooking technology. Depending on the particular product installed, owners of these appliances can take advantage of options such as:

  • Triple-zone burners that let you adjust the heating surface to the size of your pots and pans
  • A PowerBoost setting for maximum-speed induction cooking
  • Extra Low burners, and
  • Star burners

Whatever the options included on your Thermador product, rest assured that West Coast Chief understands its underlying technology and follows manufacturer-recommended practices for troubleshooting and repair.

Ovens & Oven Warming Drawers

The Thermador line of premium ovens includes single models, double ovens, models that combine steam and convection cooking, and triple setups that combine a single oven with a convection microwave and a warming drawer. In addition, the company manufactures separate warming drawers that you can install independently or together with other appliances. Features that make Thermador ovens prized items include:

  • Ultra-efficient preheating
  • The most powerful broiler elements available from any manufacturer
  • Industry-standard self-cleaning technology, and
  • Super-smooth hydraulic door hinges

Popular features of the company’s warming drawers include:

  • Your choice of traditional or convection cooking technology, and
  • Convenient, digital touch controls

Whether problems occur in Thermador-only product components or components common to all manufacturers, we maintain the same high standard of customized, budget-friendly service.

Microwave Repair

Thermador manufactures a variety of built-in microwaves, including full-sized traditional models, full-sized convection models, and MicroDrawer models designed to fit underneath a kitchen countertop. The list of features available in these stainless-steel workhorses include:

  • Smart Sensor technology that allows you to reheat food conveniently without selecting a timer setting
  • 10 levels of power for maximum cooking flexibility
  • Glass touch controls with high-visibility readouts, and
  • Hidden vents on MicroDrawer models for increased space utilization

Our approach to diagnosing and repairing Thermador microwaves is the same as our approach to all of the company’s other cooking appliances. In all cases, we match our actions to the model you have installed, as well as the technology found within that model. This type of specificity greatly enhances the speed and accuracy of the repair process.

Thermador Refrigerator & Freezer Repair

In addition to conventional bottom-freezer refrigerators, Thermador manufactures a unique line of built-in “refrigerator columns.” These columns, available in home- and commercial-grade models, have completely customizable interiors. This means that you can design the layout of your refrigerator to meet your exact needs as a home cook or chef. If you like, you can also customize the interior of a single-door or French-door bottom-freezer unit. Enticing features available in the company’s refrigerator columns include:

  • A ThermaFresh system that provides zone-controlled humidity and temperature settings
  • Proprietary airflow technology for maximum energy efficiency
  • Theater-style lighting that makes it easier to see your fridge’s contents, and
  • Patented Auto Door technology that lets you open your fridge door with a pull or a push

Features found on Thermador bottom-freezer refrigerators include:

  • Separate compressors and evaporators for each side of the unit
  • Flush door panels that keep air ventilation grills out of sight, and
  • Super-strong hinges designed for flush-mounted refrigerator installations

Thermador’s freezer line is based on the same customizable “column” design as many of its refrigerators. Like the company’s refrigerator columns, products in this line come with features such as proprietary airflow technology, theater-style lighting and Auto Door technology. Additional features include high-capacity ice output and soft-close drawers.

West Coast Chief Repair will expertly service any Thermador bottom-freezer refrigerator, refrigerator column or freezer column. Whichever customization options you have chosen, we’ll take the layout of your appliance into account when carrying out our work. Naturally, we can diagnose and repair all Thermador-only features found in your unit, as well as every other system component.

Thermador Dishwasher Repair

Thermador’s line of dishwashers includes flush-mount models equipped with handles and panel-ready models that blend in with your existing kitchen cabinets. Premium features available in both types of products include:

  • Highly adjustable program settings
  • A digital timer readout projected onto your kitchen floor for easy viewing
  • Super-fast washing cycles
  • Touchscreen controls, and
  • Dedicated spaces for large glasses and oddly shaped items

At West Coast Chief, Thermador dishwashers receive the same exceptional servicing as all of this premium provider’s other products. We’re fully equipped to diagnose and repair even the most unique components installed in these heavy-duty appliances. This is just one of the many benefits of our in-depth training and decades-long experience.

Your Source for Name Brand Appliance Repair

For well over 20 years, West Coast Chief Repair has served the communities of greater Los Angeles as a reliable source for brand-specific appliance repair. Instead of trusting your multi-thousand-dollar Thermador appliance to a general provider who needs more dedicated knowledge, call on experts with a proven track record for affordable excellence.

All of our customers receive an airtight 30-day warranty for the labor we perform. In addition, we honor Thermador’s generous warranties for all replacement parts. Call us today to schedule an appointment. In most cases, you’ll receive same-day-service if you contact us before noon.