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DCS is one of America’s top providers of high-quality outdoor kitchen appliances. While the company emphasizes reliable components and heavy-duty construction, problems still sometimes occur in their grills, refrigerators and other products.

Turn to the brand experts at West Coast Chief Repair when your DCS appliance fails to make the grade. Familiarity with the company’s offerings give us a leg up on the competition and helps ensure that your repair dollar is money well-spent.

DCS Grills

Built-In Models

DCS manufactures built-in rotisserie and charcoal grills in both 36-inch and 48-inch sizes. Some of these models run on natural gas, while others run on liquid propane gas (LPG). Features common to all DCS grills in this category include:

  • High-temperature infrared rotisseries
  • Integrated lighting systems
  • Charcoal smoker trays
  • Easy-lift hoods

The company also manufactures 30-inch, 36-inch, and 48-inch traditional built-in grills, powered by LPG or natural gas. Options available on these models include:

  • Rotisseries
  • Integrated side burners
  • Smart Beam grill lights
  • Sealed smoker trays
  • Built-in temperature gauges

No matter the type of DCS built-in grill installed in your outdoor kitchen, the experts at West Coast Chief have the training and experience required to identify the source of your problems and get you cooking once again.

Freestanding Models

The DCS product line also includes more than a dozen freestanding grill models. Some of these models are portable versions of the company’s built-in grills. Customers also have other options, including:

  • Flat-top grills
  • Side burner/sink combinations
  • Side burner/griddle combinations

Our staff of seasoned professionals can assess and correct malfunctions or failures in any freestanding grill made by DCS. On every job, we take account of the specific model you own and adjust our repair strategy accordingly.

Side Burners

Side burners are for smaller-scale cooking, either in combination with larger grills or in spaces where a more massive grill won’t fit. DCS manufacturers these devices in both built-in and freestanding formats.

The core components of the company’s side burner line are stainless steel burner units capable of producing up to 17,000 BTUs of heat. These units come in both single and double configurations and run on your choice of natural gas or LPG.

You can also purchase models that combine dual burners with an integrated sink or griddle top.

At West Coast Chief, we know how to address the problems that affect all types of DCS side burners. This detailed knowledge helps us bring your built-in or freestanding model back online with the maximum possible speed.

Warming Drawers

Warming drawers are favorite add-ons for outdoor kitchens. DCS manufactures a professional-grade version of this accessory that can keep your food at temperatures ranging from 140 F to 230 F.

If you experience malfunctions in a DCS warming drawer, our technicians can quickly determine the problem and restore the unit to working order.

DCS Refrigeration

Refrigerator Repair

Integrated refrigerators can significantly enhance an outdoor kitchen’s convenience and usefulness. DCS manufactures three versions of these in-demand appliances. All the company’s Energy Star-certified models feature a large, 24-inch width and height. Depending on the model you select, available specifications include:

  • Digital temperature controls
  • Pull-out drawers
  • Door shelving
  • Right- or left-side door hinges
  • Cantilevered shelves made from stainless steel
  • An alarm that activates when the refrigerator door is left open

At West Coast Chief, we’re specialists in refrigerator repair. We combine our general expertise with detailed knowledge of units produced by DCS. This dual perspective results in shorter repair times and faster restoration of your outdoor kitchen comfort.

Ice Maker Repair

If you spend a lot of time cooking or entertaining on your patio or in your backyard, an outdoor ice maker can make life simpler by eliminating the need to travel back and forth while serving drinks. DCS manufactures 15-inch-wide ice makers specifically designed for installation in an outdoor kitchen. When the need arises, these units can produce as much as 35 lbs of ice every day.

Your DCS ice maker unit must maintain trouble-free operation to be beneficial. If your maker no longer performs as expected, we can isolate the cause and execute a reliable repair that gets the ice flowing once again.

Beer Dispensers

A built-in beer dispenser is another way to enhance the usefulness and convenience of your outdoor kitchen. DCS manufactures four models of machines designed for outdoor use. Two of these models feature a single tap, while the remaining two feature a dual-tap setup. Specifications typical of all available options include:

  • Digital temperature controls
  • An alarm that activates when the dispenser’s main door is open

If your experience problems in the electrical systems housed in your DCS beer dispenser, the technicians at West Coast Chief have the skill and equipment needed to diagnose the issue and restore the unit to dependable function.

Patio Heaters

Even in the mild climate of Southern California, comfortable use of an outdoor kitchen may not be possible during certain times of year without a ready source of heat. To meet this need, DCS produces a built-in patio heater specifically intended for home use.

Powered by natural gas, this heater can generate as much 56,000 BTUs of heat within an area of 15 feet. The company also manufactures a separate remote-control unit.

If your DCS patio heater no longer provides you with sufficient outdoor comfort, give us a call. We can determine if the problem lies in the heater itself or the accompanying remote control. After making this determination, we’ll follow up with a repair that reflects our broad experience with heating technology.

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With a proven track record going back a quarter of a century, West Coast Chief Repair is a Los Angeles-area institution for the effective, budget-conscious repair of household and commercial appliances.

An enduring contributor to our reputation for excellence is the amount of effort we spend learning the technological details of DCS appliances and other beloved brands.

Our commitment to gathering this specialized knowledge leaves us in a position to tackle problems that are beyond the scope of less-prepared service providers.

Call to learn more about our DCS repairs, as well as our excellent parts and labor warranties.