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Sub-Zero appliances are known for their style and prestige. When your Sub-Zero appliances give you trouble, you’ll want someone with extensive knowledge about the brand and how it functions to assist you.

At West Coast Chief Repair, we are experienced in working with all types of Sub-Zero kitchen appliances. Over the years, we’ve taken care of many Sub-Zero repairs for built-in refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, grills and other specialty appliances unique to the brand.

Being such a prestigious and luxurious brand, not all repair shops will agree to work on these appliances, due to their unique characteristics. At West Coast Chief Repair, we can handle Sub-Zero appliances without a problem.

Sub-Zero Refrigerator & Freezer Repair

Sub-Zero is known for producing the first professional counter-depth refrigerator. Today, the company carries a full range of refrigerators and freezers that allow for great flexibility in planning a kitchen.

Whether you have pull-out drawer refrigerators and freezers that are under the counter, or a full, french-door style refrigerator/freezer combination, we can handle repairs. We know Sub-Zero refrigerators inside and out.

Many of our customers love them because of their two air-compressor system that separates the air from the freezer and refrigerator. Additionally, these refrigerators allow you to control temperature to the degree and filter out the ethylene gas to keep food fresher for longer.

Allow our capable staff to handle these impressive machines. We’ll pinpoint what’s causing the problem and offer you a solution. Before fully repairing your Sub-Zero refrigerator or freezer, we’ll give you an estimate so that you can approve the costs.

Wolf Range, Stove, Oven & Cooktop Repair

Sub-Zero’s cooking appliances are sold under the brand name “Wolf.” At West Coast Chief Repair, we are familiar with Wolf’s line of appliances which includes a range of cooktops, stoves, and ovens.

Whether you prefer gas, electric, built-in, or freestanding, Wolf has quite a variety of options available. Wolf cooking appliances are known for their elegant appearance and great performance. Many chefs and cooking enthusiasts spring for the combination dual fuel ranges allow you to enjoy a gas range and a convection oven: the best of both worlds.

These features mean that Wolf cooking appliances are rather unique and include features not usually included in more conventional appliances made by other brands.

At West Coast Chief Repair, we’ve taken the time to get to know Wolf appliances so that we can immediately diagnose and repair any problems that may come up with your oven or cooking range. When it comes to servicing and repairing your beloved Wolf cooking appliances, trust West Coast Chief Repair.

Wolf Microwave Oven Repair

Wolf’s microwaves are truly special. If you haven’t used a Wolf product, you haven’t experienced a professional microwave. These microwaves come in a variety of styles and designs that allow them to be perfectly integrated into a kitchen.

From traditional side-swing door microwaves to microwaves tucked away in drawers and drop-down style doors, anything is possible with a Wolf microwave. Some of these unique small ovens even double as warming drawers and can be used to make a roast!

As you can see, with the unique features of Wolf microwaves, you’ll want a true expert handling repairs. Trust West Coast Chief Repair to help you with any troubles you may face with your Wolf microwave. We are very knowledgeable about the special features these microwave ovens offer and can access them to repair them, no matter what style you have installed in your kitchen.

Wolf Outdoor Grills

Wolf’s also specializes in outdoor grills. Elegant and effective, these gorgeous cooking appliances come in both freestanding and built-in designs, making them a perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen. Many of these impressive grills even include a built-in outdoor warming drawer so that you can keep items ready and piping hot.

However, just like any appliance, these outdoor grills occasionally require maintenance and repairs. Wolf appliances are unique in that they offer many features not available with other brands. At West Coast Chief Repair, we are familiar with these features and have taken the time to learn all of the unique points of the brand’s outdoor grill offerings.

As craftsmen and appliance technicians, we truly appreciate the unique design offered by Wolf. Using original replacement parts and our knowledge, we can fix just about any issue you run into with your grill.

Specialty Appliances

The combined Sub-Zero and Wolf brands may not have other household appliances, but it’s because they truly specialize in kitchens. In addition to refrigeration and cooking, the Sub-Zero brand offers a variety of luxurious kitchen appliances not manufactured by more mid-range brands.

Some popular appliances Sub-Zero specializes in include wine storage units, warming drawers, deep fryers and other module cooktops and state of the art coffee systems.

These unique systems require special care. Allow the experts at West Coast Chief Repair to help you care for your wine storage unit, warming drawer, deep fryer and coffee system. We have taken the extensive time necessary to get to know these less-than-common appliances that can add so much to your kitchen.

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West Coast Chief Repair has been serving the greater L.A. area since the early 1980s with excellence in appliance repairs. In addition to repairing the fine products manufactured by Sub-Zero and Wolf, we also service mainstream brands such as Frigidaire, GE, Kenmore, Amana, Maytag, LG, KitchenAid and more.

Over the years we’ve taken the time to increase our expertise in luxury name brands like Sub-Zero so that we can better serve our loyal clients in the area. Our commitment to long-lasting repairs is shown through our dedication to constantly updating our knowledge base to reflect the latest trends in the industry.

You can count on us to be up to date on the most recent additions to Sub-Zero’s line, all the while offering you friendly, affordable and timely service. Don’t settle for inexperienced repair services. Count on the experts at West Coast Chief Repair to help with all of your repair needs. We look forward to serving you soon.