Air Conditioning Installation & Repair

West Coast Chief Repair services all brands and types of home air conditioners. We also do light commercial work (apartment AC, non-industrial AC units, etc.).

  • All estimates for HVAC installation and upgrades are free.
  • All repairs come with a guarantee on labor and parts. We honor all manufacturer warranties and will work with your insurance company.
  • If your air conditioner needs replacement, we’ll install a new unit for you.
  • Call us before noon for same-day service.
  • We also do ductwork and can service your entire home HVAC system (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning).
Repairing an air conditioner

Central Air Conditioning Installation & Repair

Central AC is a split, dual unit system. The indoor unit lives in an unfinished space like the attic. The more conspicuous outdoor unit is mounted on a concrete pad.

Call us if you notice any of these problems with your AC:

  • Unusual jumps in electricity costs.
  • Failure to reach the thermostat temperature.
  • Longer on/off cycles than normal.
  • Rapid on/off cycling.
  • Visible refrigerant leaks.
  • Unusual sounds during operation.
  • Ice formation on the lines between your indoor and outdoor units.
  • Lack of airflow from the vents inside your home.
  • The fan on your outside unit doesn’t turn when your air conditioner is on.
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HVAC Service (Heating, Ventilation & AC)

With HVAC, a single system controls the temperature of your home year-round. The air conditioner and furnace are connected to the same ventilation system; a central thermostat activates the heater or air conditioner.

Common HVAC problems include:

  • Ice buildup to an interrupted defrost cycle.
  • Water leaks.
  • Blocked fans, vents, or filters.
  • A faulty fan or drive belt.
  • Unusual odors.
  • Clogged ducts and filters.
  • A malfunctioning thermostat.
  • Spikes in utility bills.

Call us if you notice these or any other problems with your HVAC system.

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Packaged Air Conditioning Installation & Repair

Packaged AC encases the entire air conditioning system in a single unit, placed outside the home, usually on the roof. Some packaged AC units include heating elements, allowing the homeowner to keep their HVAC unit packaged together.

Because packaged air conditioning units take up less space, they’re ideal for smaller homes, mobile homes, and apartments. And because the unit is installed entirely outside, installation is cheap. The downside is that they’re less energy efficient than split systems.

Call us if:

  • Your electric bill shows a sudden or steady increase.
  • You notice leaking fluids or condensation.
  • Operating noises change, becoming louder or softer.
  • You hear unusual noises, like squeaking or grinding.
  • The unit runs too long or shuts off before reaching the set temperature.
  • The unit doesn’t kick on when expected.
  • You notice temperature fluctuations.
  • Lights flicker when the unit kicks on or the breakers trip.
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Ductless Air Conditioning Installation & Repair

Ductless AC is gaining ground in homes and businesses where air ducts are impractical or too expensive to install. It’s highly efficient, perfect for zone cooling, and much quieter than conventional HVAC systems and window air conditioners.

West Coast Chief installs, repairs, and services all brands and types of ductless air conditioning.

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First-time customers get 10% Off Labor

  • Free service call with repair
  • Same-day service available
  • Warranty on labor, parts & new equipment
  • Senior, military & student discounts available

Window AC Installation & Repair

If even one component is damaged, window and wall AC units won’t function properly. While you can solve some problems DIY with a simple adjustment, many issues require professional assistance. These may include:

  • No response.
  • Inadequate cooling.
  • Bad odors.
  • Unusual noises.
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Wall AC Installation & Repair

Wall air conditioners offer the same advantages as window ac, but they’re more secure and efficient. Installation is a job for professionals. They’re an excellent choice for:

  • Apartments.
  • Garages and guest houses.
  • Isolated rooms.
  • Buildings without ductwork.
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Swamp Cooler Repair

Are swamp coolers, or evaporative coolers, even a thing in Southern California? They are, if you live in a hot, dry area away from the coast, or if you’re cooling a large space and attempting to control costs.

Swamp coolers have evolved from simple boxes forcing air though moist pads to complex machines well beyond the capabilities of most DIYers when things go wrong. Call us if your evaporative cooler no longer cools as it should. We’ll get it back in working order, or install a new cooler if the time has come for replacement.

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Air Duct Installation & Repair

We can repair existing ductwork, restore air ducts to pristine condition, design new duct systems, and install new ducts where needed.

Most appliance repair companies don’t do the ductwork themselves — for that, they call subcontractors.

But at West Coast Chief Repair, we don’t hire subcontractors. All work is performed by Chief’s professionally trained, licensed, and insured technicians, guaranteeing you the highest quality on every job, from installing HVAC components to installing the ducts.

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Thermostat Installation

Most tech-savvy people can install a programmable or smart thermostat without difficulty. But the advantage of a professional installation is that our technicians correctly connect your thermostat to the HVAC system and optimize it.

We also carefully test the connection and make sure everything is working as it should. And we’ll walk you through all the features of your new thermostat, so there are no surprises.

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Air Conditioning Installation, Repair & Service

West Coast Chief Repair is an authorized dealer of trusted brands of air conditioning equipment.

  • We sell air conditioners, including packaged, window, and HVAC units.
  • We service air conditioners to keep them in top condition.
  • We repair inefficient or broken air conditioners and replace AC units that are old or damaged beyond repair.
  • All estimates are FREE; there’s no obligation to buy. However, we’re confident you’ll choose Chief for all your AC and heating needs.
  • We also do ductwork installation and repair. Call us today!

Repair or Replacement: Which Is Right for You?

When we inspect your air conditioning, we’ll give you an honest assessment. We won’t try to sell you something you don’t need.

  • If it makes sense to repair or overhaul your old air conditioning unit, we’ll repair it at a fair price.
  • But no appliance lasts forever, and it may be cheaper in the long run to install a new, energy-efficient AC system. In the short run, the cost of a repair may not be worth it if an air conditioner is on its last legs.
  • We offer financing through Wells Fargo Bank. Air conditioning is an investment in your home or business. Don’t shortchange your comfort and safety with an inferior AC unit or service.

Air Conditioning Installation

In some cases, we’ll recommend a new air conditioner over a simple repair.

  • If you have a refrigerant leak, or if your AC unit needs a new compressor, it may be cheaper to install a new system.
  • If your cooling system uses an out-of-date refrigerant, ongoing maintenance becomes costly. New refrigerants are more environmentally friendly, cheaper, and far more efficient than older refrigerants.
  • New AC systems are far more efficient than old appliances. You’ll save handsomely on your energy bill, especially if you’re cooling a large or multi-story space.

As a full-service air conditioning company, Chief will:

  • Sell the right air conditioning system for your home or business.
  • Professionally install that system and guarantee the work and parts.
  • Install new ductwork or repair existing ductwork to ensure that cool air is evenly distributed throughout the building.
  • Maintain your air conditioning system, if you like, with either scheduled checkups or an annual maintenance contract.

What Goes into AC Installation?

Installing a central air conditioning system is a difficult job best reserved for specialists and not general handymen. Always hire a reputable company like West Coast Chief Repair to do your AC installation and replacement.

  • AC units contain air handler components like evaporator coils, condensers, and compressors not found in most other appliances.
  • Complex electrical circuitry and gas line connections must be considered.
  • The installer should be familiar with local building codes, city permits, and more.

Trusting the job to amateurs or attempting to do it yourself is only asking for trouble. Chief’s professional technicians:

  • Are familiar with all major brands of air conditioning systems.
  • Understand the various techniques of installation and troubleshooting.
  • Are well-trained, licensed, bonded, and insured.

When Do You Need AC Repair?

The sooner you take action, the better. If air being pushed through the vents never cools, or you hear loud noises or smell strange odors, call for repairs before the problem gets worse.

  • Quick action may prevent further damage from occurring, in which case you can avoid a costlier repair or complete replacement.
  • If your AC system is getting older, replacement might be the best course of action. But in most cases, repair or maintenance is all you need.

Old AC vs New Energy-Efficient AC Systems

SEER  stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This is the ratio of the cooling output of an air conditioner over a typical cooling season, divided by the energy it uses in Watt-Hours. It may also be called a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. (Source: Trane Air Conditioning)

Up until 2006, 10 SEER was the efficiency standard for air conditioners. But now the lowest SEER rating allowed by federal law is 13 SEER.

This means that air conditioning appliances built today are at least 30% more energy efficient than standard AC units manufactured less than 20 years ago.

16 or more SEER air conditioners are yet another option that will save 60% or more energy than the 10 SEER units of days gone by. Federal tax credits for these high-efficiency systems offer additional savings, especially for businesses.

Call us today, and we’ll work with you to find the best solution for your home or business.

Air Conditioning Maintenance & Service

No air conditioning system lasts forever. But with regular maintenance, you can extend its service life, saving money in the long run.

Even if your air conditioner appears to be 100% trouble-free, annual service checks are still a good idea. They’ll keep your system in peak operating condition, and help to prevent problems that raise energy bills and shorten appliance life. These include:

  • Dirt buildup on the condensing coil.
  • Dust buildup that blocks airflow.
  • Low refrigerant.
  • An electrical problem somewhere in the system.

Changing AC filters and vacuuming to clear dust can be done DIY, but regular maintenance and most repairs should be handled only by an experienced professional. At BWR, heating, AC, and HVAC are not just our specialty — they’re the only things we do.

Not only are we experts in every type of heating and air conditioning system, we know every brand on the market and can troubleshoot problems much faster than your average plumber or handyman.

  • Yearly maintenance will extend the life of your air conditioner.
  • It will lower your energy bills because your AC unit will run more efficiently.
  • It will prevent small issues from becoming bigger issues.

Capacity in Air Conditioning

AC manufacturers must list the capacity or the size of air conditioning units. But what is AC capacity? It’s the rate at which an air conditioner can remove heat from the air. This is usually measured in British Thermal Units or BTUs, and it’s essential to know how much capacity you need before you start shopping for a new unit.

Bigger May Not Be Better

When it comes to capacity, bigger does not always mean better. If you have a unit too large for the space, it will be less effective and use more energy than a smaller unit. This is because air conditioners work best when they run longer. A unit that’s too big will cool the space quickly but then shut off before it can remove all the humidity, leaving your home damp and clammy.

The Right Size Air Conditioner for Your Home

To find the right size air conditioner for your home, you’ll need to know the square footage of the space you want to cool.

As a general rule, you’ll need about 20 BTUs for each square foot of space in a cool climate or 30 BTUs for each square foot in a warm climate. But bear in mind that other factors come into play, like the height of the ceilings, the number of windows, and whether or not the space is insulated.

An Experienced AC Technician Can Help

Once you’ve determined the right size air conditioner for your home, the next step is to have it installed by a qualified technician. Installation is not a do-it-yourself project, and you should have it done correctly.

Incorrect installation is one of the leading causes of air conditioner problems and can void your warranty. A qualified technician will also help you choose the right location for your unit and the best type of air filter.

Cool temperatures