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Whirlpool is one of America’s go-to brands for major appliance excellence. For decades, homeowners have relied on the company’s many offerings to support their busy schedules and simplify important, everyday tasks. It’s no wonder than a malfunction in one of these valuable devices can prompt an immediate call for repair assistance. West Coast Chief Repair meets your needs with reliable, affordable servicing for all Whirlpool appliances.

Whirlpool Washer & Dryer Repair

Whirlpool is perhaps most famous for its clothes washers and dryers. Today, the company offers these appliances in several popular formats, including front-loading models, traditional top-loading models, laundry stacks, and add-on washer and dryer pedestals. Features that keep Whirlpool washers in steady use include:

  • ColorLast wash cycles that help prevent color degradation
  • Options for steam cleaning and presoaking
  • Adaptive Wash Technology for improved overall cleaning
  • Wash cycles with integrated dryer functions for rapid clothing turnaround

The dryers found in the company’s laundry stacks come equipped with desirable features such as:

  • Automatic drying sensors that stop over-drying
  • Plentiful drying settings, and
  • Adaptability for extended vent systems in condominiums and apartments

West Coast Chief features model-specific repair solutions for all Whirlpool washers and dryers. Our thorough knowledge of the company’s offerings translates into accurate, timely work that helps restore your laundry room convenience with minimal disruption.

Whirlpool Refrigerator Repair

Whirlpool manufactures refrigerator/freezers in four popular formats: French-door, side-by-side, bottom-freezer, and top-freezer. Enticing features of the company’s French-door fridges include:

  • Externally accessible refrigerated drawers
  • Digital control panels with simple tap-touch functionality
  • Automatic defrost technology
  • Exterior water and ice dispensers equipped with advanced filtration technology
  • ENERGY STAR certification, and
  • Automatic quick-chill technology

Whirlpool’s side-by-side models also feature many of these same conveniences. Additional pluses include:

  • Door-mounted ice storage bins
  • Advanced air filtration for exceptional odor control, and
  • High food storage capacity for large families

Other notable features of the company’s refrigerator/freezers include:

  • Automatic, temperature-activated defrost systems, and
  • Crispers equipped with adjustable humidity controls

West Coast Chief features customized repairs for all Whirlpool refrigerator/freezers. Our detailed understanding of each appliance format and individual model results in a simplified troubleshooting process and rapid, accurate repair solutions.

Whirlpool Stoves, Ovens & Microwaves

Range Repair

While noted for its laundry room appliances and refrigerators, Whirlpool also manufactures a variety of high-quality cooking appliances. The company’s range of offerings includes freestanding single- and double-oven models and slide-in models designed for convenient counter installation. A short list of the features available in these three formats includes:

  • FlexHeat dual burner elements
  • 15,000-BTU SpeedHeat gas burners
  • Automatic, adjustable oven sensors
  • Convection cooking
  • A Frozen Bake setting that lets you avoid preheating for frozen foods
  • Optional steam cleaning for oven messes
  • Delayed-cooking modes, and
  • Precisely adjustable AccuSimmer® burners

Our technicians can correct issues with any range feature unique to Whirlpool products. In addition, we can easily tackle the problems common to all-electric and gas-powered ranges.

Oven Repair

In addition to oven-equipped ranges, Whirlpool manufactures single-wall ovens, double-wall ovens, and wall oven/microwave combination units. Many popular features in the company’s ranges are also found in these standalone appliances. Additional available features include:

  • Hidden bake elements that simplify the cleaning process
  • Automatically adjusted Precision Clean cleaning technology
  • Easy recipe conversion for convection cooking, and
  • Your choice of a traditional or convection microwave in an oven/microwave combo unit

West Coast Chief addresses problems in Whirlpool wall ovens with the same speed and accuracy as problems in the company’s ranges. The result is the same: time- and money-saving appliance repair.

Cooktop Repair

The Whirlpool line of cooktops includes gas-powered models, electricity-powered models, and models equipped with induction technology. Beneficial features of these products include:

  • The same SpeedHeat and AccuSimmer burners found on the company’s gas ranges
  • The same FlexHeat burners found on the company’s electric ranges
  • Tap-touch controls
  • Easy-clean ceramic surfaces
  • Automatic pan detection
  • Control lockouts, and
  • A boost feature that increases the output of induction burners

No matter the technology used to power your Whirlpool cooktop, we approach all repairs with the appropriate training and experience. The quality of our work reflects our enduring high standards.

Microwave Repair

Whirlpool manufacturers countertop and over-the-range microwave ovens in several convenient sizes and in several convenient wattages. Available features on these durable products include:

  • Automatically adjusted sensor cooking
  • Steam-cooking technology
  • Multi-step cooking functions that you can input directly or with a smartphone or tablet
  • The ability to interpret the data from frozen-food bar codes
  • A turntable “off” function
  • Plentiful cooking preset options, and
  • Multi-speed vent fans

Our repair standards for Whirlpool microwaves match the high standards we set when working on the company’s other cooking appliances. Whether you own a countertop or an over-the-range model, we know how to troubleshoot its features and create an effective solution that restores function and keeps your kitchen running smoothly.

Whirlpool Dishwasher Repair

The Whirlpool line of dishwashers includes built-in models with front-panel and top-panel controls. It also includes portable models that you can relocate as needed. Unique and shared features of these kitchen workhorses include:

  • Automatic sensors that adjust dishwasher function according to the size of the dish load, the degree of dish dirtiness, and the dishwasher’s internal temperature
  • Spray arms with carefully calculated water distribution patterns
  • A full range of wash cycle options
  • Extra-short, one-hour wash cycles, and
  • Options for high-temperature washing

Our technicians are thoroughly familiar with general dishwasher technology and the brand-specific features of Whirlpool products. This overlapping knowledge greatly eases the workload for all required repairs and leads to superior repair outcomes.

Chief Offers Top-Quality Repairs for the Whirlpool Brand

Homeowners and business owners throughout greater Los Angeles know West Coast Chief Repair as a trusted resource for servicing major appliances, air conditioning systems, and heating systems. In the appliance field, our reputation is primarily based on our deep knowledge of specific brands and our ability to harness that knowledge during troubleshooting and repair. Instead of acting solely as generalists, we would like to focus on the details unique to your installed Whirlpool products (or any other products). In addition, we feature time-tested parts and labor warranties on every job. Contact us today for appliance-specific assistance.