DIY Appliance Repair & Maintenance Tips

A front-loading washer

Is there anything worse than a washing machine that won’t work when your entire wardrobe is in the hamper?

Yes, but it’s still frustrating to someone forced to wear the same smelly socks three days in a row.

Don’t sit there and stew. Take action!

2021 Best of Awards

West Coast Chief Repair is proud to have earned two prestigious quality-of-service awards for 2021: 2021 Angi Super Service Best of Home Advisor These honors are given to service businesses offering consistent, high-quality work with few or no customer complaints. West Coast Chief specializes in appliance and HVAC installation and repair, and operates mostly in […]

A washer filling up

Like most people in 21st century America, you probably take your washing machine for granted. You never really appreciate it until it checks out. But when it ceases to render faithful service, your daily routine devolves into chaos. The dirty laundry piles up fast, especially in a home with kids and pets, and soon you […]

Ice buildup in the freezer

Your freezer holds the staples and goodies you’ve come to depend on, from quick meals to tasty treats to ice cubes for refreshing drinks.

So when something goes wrong with your freezer, it can significantly impact your household’s ability to function. Not to mention your mood.

Most people will experience at some point one or more of the common freezer problems we describe in this article. Be prepared, as they say in the Scouts.

Installing ductwork

A National Institute of Standards and Technology survey concluded that even if customers purchase the most energy-efficient heat pump, air conditioner, and furnace, they’ll go to waste with a subpar installation.

The takeaway? Don’t purchase the very best HVAC equipment and have it installed on the cheap. The installer is as critical as the equipment you buy.

Improper installation can increase household energy consumption by as much as 30%. This is reason enough to call an experienced HVAC service like West Coast Chief!

Air conditioner clogged by leaves

Don’t Delay; Check Your AC Today The last thing you want is for your air conditioner to break down when you need it most. Unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence. Most people wait until their AC goes on the blink before they think about maintaining it. But by then, it’s too late, and they’re stuck in […]

A washer in a laundry room

There are three ways to buy your appliances: new, refurbished, or second-hand (used). Refurbished appliances have been returned to the manufacturer or retailer, repaired, and put back on the market. Buying a used appliance is self-explanatory; you’re buying a machine that has already been owned and used by someone else. Maybe the prior owner maintained […]

Filling a glass of water from a water dispenser

Regular cleaning is the key to keeping your water dispenser free of dirt and mineral deposits. With a few simple tools and a little effort, you can clear any build-up from your refrigerator’s water dispenser and the lines leading to it.

Washing machine door

All Moving Parts Are Subject to Wear The typical washing machine lasts 10-15 years — longer if you treat it well and shorter if you abuse it with heavy loads or run it several times a week. Some brands are more durable than others, but every washer will wear down eventually, even washers known for […]

Opening the oven

Ovens should last forever. They have no moving parts! Sadly, they don’t. No appliance lasts indefinitely, and one day your trusty oven will be hauled off to the scrapyard, along with the dishwasher before it, the washer and dryer, and the dozen or so air fryers you’ll have purchased and disposed of by then. That […]

Energy Star logo

What Is an Energy Star Rating? And Why Should It Matter to You? Energy Star = Efficiency The Energy Star program is a joint venture between the United States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the DoE (Department of Energy). It initially concerned itself with larger projects like electricity generation but has since expanded into areas […]

Microwave oven

The microwave oven is a handy kitchen appliance.

Sure, you can live without one, but would you want to? How would you reheat your morning coffee gone cold?

And what about those instant meals you’ve come to depend on? The quick oats? The afternoon packaged frozen dinner? The reheated leftovers from yesterday’s restaurant junket?

Rheem & Trane air conditioners

Rheem and Trane are two of the three most trusted names in air conditioning and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). The other trusted name? Why, West Coast Chief, of course! Time and again, we’ve responded to service calls at homes where cheap or generic AC has been installed. These inferior appliances break repeatedly, and […]

Fixing the air conditioning

American Standard air conditioners are among the most reliable on the market. Their compressors run cooler and last longer than average, and they use a refrigerant that’s less likely to leak. But even the best air conditioner can break down with age and heavy demand. Eventually, every air conditioner wears out and must be replaced, […]

Loading a front load washer

Front-loaders come with one significant drawback: a tendency to accumulate mold and, therefore, unpleasant smells.

They seal tightly to prevent water leakage, creating an ideal environment for mold growth. Recent redesigns have mostly eliminated this problem; still, you may encounter mold and stench, especially if you own an older front-loading model.

The good news is that you can reduce the risk of mold growth and nip it in the bud.

Furnace repair

Faulty heaters are more than a nuisance. They can be dangerous if they pose a fire hazard or, as can happen with gas furnaces, they leak carbon monoxide into your home. Call us at West Coast Chief if you experience any of the following problems: A furnace that won’t heat to the set temperature. Unusual […]

Dirty air conditioner filters

In Los Angeles, air conditioning is a necessity, not a luxury. Air conditioning is essential for comfort and safety during the city’s long, hot summers, which get hotter by the year. Unless they’re well-maintained, all ac units develop problems over time, from minor hiccups that compromise their performance to full-blown failure. We’re here to talk […]

A man feels the heat

Temperatures are rising, and energy bills mirror the temperature trend line. This article presents a few strategies to help you stay cool at home within a budget. We invite you to browse the information below and decide which strategies make the most sense for you. Air conditioners can be a massive drain on your energy […]

DIY repair

DIY Appliance Repair: Why Do It? The rewards are obvious! You save money (maybe)! Or perhaps you’re not thinking as clearly as you should when you undertake that DIY repair on your stove, fridge, or air conditioner that has been running a little rough lately. Dealing with a broken appliance is stressful. It’s also potentially […]

Sale prices

Many people wait until their appliances die before considering a replacement. While that approach squeezes the most out of an old appliance, it does nothing to help the buyer save money on a new appliance. If you know the average lifespan of your home appliances, you can plan your replacements accordingly. For example, most refrigerators […]

Stainless steel kitchen

Steel appliances are the number one choice for many homeowners due to their sleek appearance, ability to resist corrosion, and the fact that they match nearly any kitchen decor. The downside is that they’re notorious for collecting smudges and fingerprints! They need plenty of cleaning TLC to look their best. Read on if you own […]

Window air conditioner

As the temperatures rise, you may want to turn your air conditioner up full blast to enjoy the cool air. It’s best to give your AC a check-up before you do. Window unit air conditioners need regular maintenance to keep performing at their peak. With some simple DIY care, you can help keep your energy […]

Dirty gas burner

How to Fix a Gas Stove Burner Let’s set the scene. You’ve planned a romantic evening of candlelight, wine, patchouli oil, and maybe a little throwback Kenny G. You’re preparing that special dish for that special someone. Not just any dish, but your specialty, the dish that never fails to amaze. You’ve chopped the scallops […]

New kitchen appliances

To repair or replace an aging appliance? It’s one of the bigger decisions you’ll face as a homeowner. Appliances are a huge investment, and you’ll want to make the right choice when it comes time to upgrade. Ongoing repairs are a nuisance and an investment in themselves, and an unreliable appliance will not only throw […]