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Specializing in Viking Appliance Repair & Installation

Viking is well-known as a premium brand in the field of professional and consumer-grade cooking appliances. In addition, the company excels at the manufacture of several other types of major residential and commercial devices.

Still, despite Viking’s legendary reputation for quality and durability, minor and major breakdowns are a fact of life. When problems occur in your Viking appliances, call on the brand-specific knowledge of the professionals at West Coast Chief Repair.

Instead of treating your valued appliances to a generic repair process, we follow a customized process based on the specific type and model of your device. No matter where you live or do business in greater Los Angeles, we make sure you get the help you need at an affordable price.

Viking Cooking Appliances

Freestanding Ranges

Viking is rightly famous for producing some of the very best cooking appliances on the market. The company’s extensive line of freestanding ranges includes professional-grade dual-fuel models that combine gas/propane power with electricity. It also includes all-electric ranges, self-cleaning ranges available in all fuel configurations and Tuscany ranges available in multiple colors. State-of-the-art features of these products include:

  • SureSpark automatic ignitions
  • Infrared boilers
  • Multiple burner sizes with BTU values ranging from 23,000 down to 8,000
  • Concealed heating elements, and
  • Dual-speed convection systems

We provide brand-specific repair services for all Viking ranges. These services include solutions for problems unique to these products, as well as solutions for the full spectrum of general range malfunctions.

Rangetop & Cooktop Repair

Viking also manufactures a total of eight rangetops and cooktops. The company’s rangetops are powered by natural gas or propane. Its cooktop line includes gas-powered, electric and induction models. Viking rangetops come equipped with the same advanced features as the manufacturer’s freestanding ranges. Features that set the company’s cooktops apart include:

  • MagneQuick elements for rapid induction heating
  • QuickCook infrared elements for rapid electric heating
  • Advanced simmer settings, and
  • Permanently sealed gas burners

No matter the type of rangetop or cooktop you rely on, you can be certain that West Coast Chief is familiar with its unique Viking features, as well as all the technologies it shares with other manufacturers. This comprehensive knowledge greatly enhances the quality of our troubleshooting and repair services.

Oven Repair

The vast line of Viking wall ovens includes models that cook thermally, as well as thermal-convection models and steam-convection models. Advanced features that distinguish these top-of-the-line products include:

  • Concealed heating elements
  • Easy-open French doors
  • Gourmet-Glo high-heat broilers
  • Multi-speed convection systems, and
  • Extremely precise and adjustable temperature settings

Whether you’re dealing with malfunctions in Viking-only features or features common to all wall ovens, we provide the same high-quality diagnostic and repair resources.

Microwave Repair

Viking manufactures both conventional and convection microwave ovens suitable for professional or home use. Features that make these ovens so popular include:

  • Your choice of built-in or countertop installation
  • More than a dozen sensor settings
  • One-button operation for preset recipes, and
  • Child safety locks

We apply the same standard of repair to Viking microwaves as we apply to the company’s other cooking appliances. Our technicians are always prepared to work on the specific model installed in your kitchen. This approach takes the guesswork out of the process and helps ensure the quality of the work you receive.

Viking Kitchen Ventilation Systems

Viking accompanies its extensive line of cooking appliances with a wealth of kitchen ventilation systems, including wall hoods, chimney wall hoods, island hoods, rear downdrafts and integrated hood/ventilation packages. Each of these products comes with unique and important benefits. Depending on the specific product you have installed, desirable features may include:

  • Automatic, heat-activated vent controls
  • High-visibility halogen lighting
  • High-intensity heat lamps
  • Super-quiet vent blowers
  • Four-speed operation
  • Back-lit LED controls, and
  • Easy-to-read dirty filter indicators

The technicians at West Coast Chief can correct malfunctions in any Viking kitchen ventilation system. Whether your products are installed separately or in combination with a Viking cooking appliance, we promptly assess the cause of your problem and devise a suitable, resource-efficient solution.

Viking Refrigerator Repair

Viking’s refrigerator/freezer offerings include a line of professional and household models designed for built-in installation. The company also manufactures a separate line of freestanding fridge/freezers. In addition, Viking manufactures a variety of smaller, undercounter refrigerators. Notable features of the company’s built-in and standalone products include:

  • Variable-speed ProChill temperature technology
  • Digital temperature controls
  • Ion-based air purification for maximum bacteria, odor and mold control
  • Humidity-adjustable drawers, and
  • Temperature-adjustable drawers

Premium features of the brand’s undercounter refrigerators include:

  • UV light-resistant glass doors
  • Precise temperature control, and
  • Rapid cooldown technology that quickly establishes your desired fridge environment

West Coast Chief services the full range of Viking refrigerator/freezers and undercounter refrigerators. Our longstanding focus on the company’s products gives us a clear edge over other, more general providers. We help make the diagnosis and repair process as painless as possible.

Viking Dishwasher Repair

Viking produces six dishwasher models suitable for professional use. In addition, the company produces another 10 consumer-oriented models. Features that draw attention to the Viking brand include:

  • Super-efficient drying fans
  • Adjustable upper racks
  • Food debris sensors
  • Multiple washing arms for maximum cleaning power
  • Easy-to-read digital control panels
  • Advanced water filtration systems
  • Multi-layered insulation for reduced operating noise

The company’s Tuscany line of dishwashers adds enhanced visual appeal to the equation. At West Coast Chief, Viking dishwashers receive the same outstanding care as all the manufacturer’s other offerings. Whether you rely on a professional or consumer model, you’ll receive product-specific assistance that boosts efficiency and improves the long-term benefits of our work.

Other Viking Products

Viking also produces freestanding, refrigerated wine storage cabinets and a range of panel-front, built-in, and freestanding ice machines. Our expertise also covers these devices. As always, we devise cost-effective repairs that take the specific model of your product into account.

Top-Quality Repairs for the Viking Brand

West Coast Chief enjoys a long-standing reputation as a preferred source for major appliance repairs in greater Los Angeles. This is true, in large part, because of our focus on the details of the devices produced by the industry’s most popular and respected manufacturers. Where lesser service providers follow the same repair approach, regardless of the make and model of your appliance, we treat each case individually. We also vouch for the quality of our work with outstanding warranties on all parts and labor. The end result: truly customized and affordable repair assistance. Call today to arrange help for your Viking appliance.