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Equator Advanced Appliances shines in today’s market for its commitment to space-saving products that reduce resource consumption and help protect the environment.

Unfortunately, like the offerings from other top providers, these products can develop minor or significant issues with prolonged use.

And since Equator appliances often come in unusual sizes or formats, repair of these issues relies heavily on knowledgeable providers who understand the company’s technological approach.

In the greater Los Angeles area, West Coast Chief Repair stands out for our targeted work on Equator products.

Whether you’re facing a small drop in performance or complete component failure, we’ll assist you with services designed for your specific appliance. Where other providers only scratch the surface, we dig deep for lasting, affordable solutions.

Equator Refrigerator Repair

Equator manufactures a full range of compact refrigerators that provide effective cooling while reducing energy consumption. Notable features of these products include:

  • Compressors that operate on environmentally friendly, refrigerant-grade R600a isobutane
  • Adjustable, six-setting thermostat controls
  • Reversible doors

The company also manufactures a separate line of slimline refrigerator/freezers suitable for installation in apartments. Features found on these models include:

  • Humidity-controlled produce drawers
  • Automatic defrost functions
  • Low-noise operation
  • A Fast Freeze setting for rapid food cooldown and ice production
  • Top- or bottom-mounted freezer compartments
  • Reversible doors

Anyone repairing an Equator fridge or refrigerator/freezer must understand the problems that can affect compact and slimline models. They must also understand how to address the issues that can affect the operation of the company’s unique components. At West Coast Chief, we possess all the knowledge and experience needed to carry out swift, Equator-centric repairs that save you money and reduce appliance downtime.

Equator Freezer Repair

The Equator line of freezers includes both upright models and chest models. Purchasers of the company’s upright freezers can choose from compact designs and larger vertical designs. Features available on these products include such things as:

  • LED screens for easy temperature tracking
  • Separate alarms for temperature variations and open freezer doors
  • Energy-conserving technology that saves money and reduces environmental impact

Available options on Equator chest freezers include:

  • Your choice of manual or automatic defrost modes
  • High-efficiency cooling technology

Whether you own an upright freezer or chest freezer, West Coast Chief Repair can diagnose any malfunction and offer appropriate repairs that restore proper function at the lowest possible expense. Our familiarity with the Equator brand helps ensure the best possible outcome in all situations.

Equator Ice Maker Repair

Equator also manufactures a compact model of ice maker capable of holding as much as 10 lbs of ice in a single cubic foot of space. This appliance features mechanical temperature controls for optimal production conditions in all seasons. It also features a convenient automatic defrost setting for easy cleanup. If problems occur in any part of your Equator ice maker, we can track them down and identify their cause. This approach eliminates guesswork and lays the groundwork for accurate, reliable repairs. In all cases, we rely on our general experience with ice maker repair, as well as our targeted experience with the company’s products.

Equator Washing Machines & Dryers

Equators laundry-related offerings include clothes washers, clothes dryers and combo models that merge washing and drying functions in a single unit. Highlighted features of the company’s compact washers include:

  • LED electronic control panels
  • An auto display off function for reduced energy consumption
  • A Water Saver setting
  • A convenient Start/Pause function
  • Delayed starting capability
  • A prewash function
  • Child safety latches

Highlighted features of Equator’s compact dryer line include:

  • Sensor Dry technology with three programmable settings
  • Wrinkle Guard technology
  • A Refresh function for previously dried clothing
  • Child safety latches
  • A venting/condensing function that facilitates drying without a drain pump

Equator’s washer/dryer combination models feature the same technological innovations as the company’s individual washers and dryers. You can also meet your laundry needs with stackable separates. No matter which laundry solution you’ve chosen for your home, West Coast Chief’s staff of seasoned experts can track down the source of any minor or major problem. Once we’ve identified the cause of your issue, we’ll make a speedy repair that takes full advantage of our Equator-specific training and general experience.

Equator Microwave Repair

Equator manufactures a compact, freestanding microwave that provides 800W of cooking power. This product also functions as a 1100W oven, and you can use the two settings separately or combine them for decreased cooking times. In addition, you can convert the unit for built-in use. Additional features that enhance your cooking experience include such things as:

  • Programmable cook settings
  • Six pre-programmed auto-cook settings
  • Programmable thaw settings
  • A defrost setting that automatically calculates the weight of the frozen item

At West Coast Chief, we’re experts in the repair of all microwave types and configurations. Our background includes the skills needed to correct issues unique to Equator’s product. Experience has taught us that this dual approach increases our effectiveness as a reliable service provider.

Equator Wine Cooler Repair

The Equator line of appliances includes several products dedicated to wine cooling. Some of the company’s wine coolers function on the same basic principles as a conventional refrigerator.

However, others reduce temperature through a more modern technology called thermoelectric cooling. Options in both categories feature automatic controls that allow you to maintain just the right environment for optimal wine storage.

If your Equator wine cooler is no longer functioning as it should, give us a call. As all-around appliance authorities, we possess the skill needed to work on any product in this category. Just as importantly, we have the necessary expertise to work on the company’s thermoelectric cooling technology and other distinctive features.

More Equator Products

Equator also produces a range of additional appliances, including range hoods, beer dispensers and can coolers. Whatever type of product you use, you can count on our know-how, training and enduring reputation for honesty and quality. Consider us your one-stop source for all your repair needs.

Greater Los Angeles’ Source for Equator Appliance Repair

With the vast number of appliance manufacturers now on the market, it’s becoming more and more common to own products with patented features not shared by other brands. That’s why West Coast Chief Repair places a particular focus on the one-of-a-kind technologies used by Equator and other top companies.

Over the years, this emphasis has helped cement our standing as one of greater Los Angeles’ go-to options for the trustworthy repair of all manner of appliances. To learn more about our services or schedule work on your Equator product, contact us today.