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The average dishwasher lasts about 10 years.

A Miele dishwasher is tested for 20 years of use, as are all Miele appliances.

But that performance doesn’t come cheap. You might pay three times more for an all-Miele kitchen than you would for a budget brand.

So what are you buying, exactly? The latest gizmos that make the kitchen more complicated than a spaceship and turn cooking into a programming exercise?

No, but you get a commercial-grade kitchen experience in your home. The Miele experience. The Miele look. Miele appliances are endorsed by Food and Wine magazine, Good Housekeeping, and Reviewed.com. That’s very exclusive company.

And it’s not just the kitchen appliances. New Miele dryers have built-in heat pumps that reduce energy consumption by as much as 60%. That should help with credit card payments after you drop a cool $1,700 for it and another $1,700 for the matching washer.

So when your Miele appliances break down, especially as you reach the second decade of ownership, you’re more likely to call for repair than replace your aging appliance outright.

You might consider West Coast Chief. We specialize in appliance repair. Our technicians are licensed and certified to repair all major appliance brands, including Miele. We’ll fix your appliance. We won’t make things worse.

Miele Refrigerator Repair

Miele stainless steel refrigerators offer MasterFresh technology (which keeps food fresh up to three times longer, according to Miele), WiFiConnect, and temperature-controlled compartments. They can even help you open the door!

But they’re also vulnerable to the same breakdowns as other brands, including:

  • Uneven or inefficient cooling
  • Poor temperature control
  • Leaking water
  • Strange noises
  • The ice maker doesn’t dispense ice
  • The doors don’t close properly
  • Compressor malfunction
  • Interior lights don’t work

These aren’t DIY repairs in most cases, especially when you consider the investment you’ve made in your Miele kitchen.

Call us. West Coast Chief has the know-how to repair your refrigerator fast if parts are available.

Miele Dishwasher Repair

Miele dishwashers come with features like automatic water softening, delay start, and a half-load setting. Some models have cutlery trays that can be removed or folded away to make room for larger dishes.

But when your dishwasher stops working, you need a repair tech who knows Miele appliances inside and out. Problems may include:

  • Drainage issues
  • Water doesn’t heat up
  • The machine doesn’t dispense detergent
  • The door doesn’t close properly
  • Noisy operation
  • Leaking
  • The dishwasher won’t start

We can fix all your Miele dishwasher problems.

Miele Oven & Range Repair

Miele ovens have one-touch controls, temperature precision (as tight as 2 degrees Celsius), self-cleaning, Sabbath mode (allows you to cook during periods of religious observance), and intuitive menus.

But you may notice:

  • The door won’t open or close
  • Baking or broiling element won’t heat
  • The electronic control board fails
  • The electronic display malfunctions
  • Stove elements don’t work correctly
  • The range won’t ignite

Whether you need to replace a part or call for a complete oven repair, West Coast Chief technicians can help.

Miele Washing Machine Repair

Miele washing machines come with a QuickPowerWash cycle for full loads in 59 minutes, CapDosing for special detergents and fabric softeners, a Perfect Steam option to fight wrinkles with steam power, and the Miele honeycomb drum to help protect even delicate items.


  • Clothes may be too wet after a complete cycle
  • The machine may have a foul smell
  • You may hear strange noises during operation
  • Water may not drain properly
  • The machine may shake violently on spin cycle
  • The washer may not start
  • The door may remain locked after a cycle

Call us today and get your washer working again.

Miele Dryer Repair

Miele dryers have many innovative features, including auto-sensing drying technology, CapDosing for fabric softening and crease protection, a 9kg drum capacity with a honeycomb design for gentle care of your clothes, and even fragrance flacons that give your laundry a pleasant aroma.

But you may find yourself experiencing:

  • Lack of heat to dry clothes
  • Too-long drying cycles
  • Strange noises from the blower wheel or motor
  • Clothes tumbling without any heat
  • Start failure
  • A door that won’t open or close

Miele Appliance Installation

All appliances have a finite lifespan. Even sturdy Miele appliances. You may come to a point where it will cost almost as much to repair your old refrigerator, dishwasher, or range as it would to purchase a new unit.

We can help you select a new appliance model for your home, transport and install it, test its operation, and properly dispose of any old units. We take care of everything — so you don’t have to!

Why Choose West Coast Chief for Your Miele Appliance Repair?

  1. We specialize in appliance repairs.
  2. Our technicians are licensed and certified.
  3. We provide same-day service when possible (and parts are available).
  4. We stock most parts and can perform most repairs on the spot.
  5. Our upfront pricing policy ensures no hidden fees or surprises when you receive the bill.
  6. All repairs come with a guarantee on labor and parts. We honor all manufacturer warranties and will work with your insurance company.