Magic Chef Appliance Repair Services

Magic Chef Logo

Magic Chef has been in business since 1929.

Its direct ancestor, The American Stove Company, is even older, dating back to 1901. The American Stove Company, in turn, grew out of a tin shop in St. Louis, Missouri, where an opportunistic German immigrant amassed a small fortune selling stoves.

These days, CNA Financial Corporation owns Magic Chef, a leading manufacturer of microwaves, ovens, refrigerators, and other home appliances.

Like all appliances, even dependable Magic Chef refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers may need occasional repair. Your suspicions are correct if this last sentence sounds like a bait and switch. We’re here to promote West Coast Chief’s certified appliance repair service and not just the hallowed history of Magic Chef.

West Coast Chief technicians are licensed, certified, and trained to repair all Magic Chef major appliances. Call us before noon for same-day service.

Magic Chef appliances stand out for their innovation, dependability, and customer-centric focus at an affordable price. The company culture embraces:

  • Commitment to Convenience: The brand’s appliances are designed for customer convenience, from user-friendly interfaces to intuitive features.
  • Everyday Dependability: Magic Chef appliances are renowned for their reliability and durability. What else would you expect from a company with German roots?
  • Innovative Product Development: The brand consistently introduces new features and technologies to enhance the cooking and culinary experience.
  • Accessible Customer Service: Magic Chef is dedicated to customer satisfaction, promptly addressing customer queries and concerns.
  • Diverse Product Portfolio: Magic Chef manufactures a wide range of kitchen appliances, including small appliances like pressure cookers and mixers.
  • Affordability: Despite their impressive quality and features, Magic Chef appliances remain reasonably priced, making them popular among homeowners and chefs.

Magic Chef Refrigerator Repair

A broken refrigerator can be grounds for panic. What if all that food goes bad? West Coast Chief offers same-day repair, so call us if:

  • Your refrigerator isn’t cooling
  • Your refrigerator produces a strange smell
  • Your refrigerator leaks
  • Your refrigerator makes strange noises
  •  Your refrigerator won’t turn on

West Coast Chief technicians can also perform general maintenance and preventive services to ensure your Magic Chef refrigerator remains in tip-top shape.

Magic Chef Dishwasher Repair

A broken dishwasher can be a real inconvenience, especially in the wake of a family get-together where the dirty dishes have stacked up. Common dishwasher problems include:

  • An error code on the display panel
  • Leaks from the unit or drains
  • Poor cleaning performance
  • Unusual noises while running
  • Failing to fill up with water
  • Inability to start, stop, or pause the cycle

With West Coast Chief’s same-day Magic Chef dishwasher repair service, you can have your appliance back in working condition before dinner.

Magic Chef Range Repair

Are your burners failing to heat up, or is the oven stuck on broil? Call us if your Magic Chef range isn’t working as expected. The issues we see most often include:

  • Uneven heating and cooking
  • A faulty self-cleaning cycle
  • Inconsistent temperatures
  • Burner ignition problems
  • Gas odors or leaks
  • Faulty displays

A malfunctioning range is potentially dangerous — well beyond the scope of a DIY fix. And if your old range is beyond repair, we’ll install a new one and haul the old unit off for recycling.

Magic Chef Microwave Repair

A broken microwave is a minor annoyance, but it can throw you for a loop if you’ve invested in a month’s worth of microwave meals. Common microwave problems include:

  • Unusual noises or sparks inside the unit
  • Inability to hold heat
  • Power failure in the display panel
  • A door that won’t open

We can also install built-in microwaves if you want to upgrade your kitchen with the latest technologies and features.

Magic Chef Washer Repair

Moving on to the laundry room, has your washer failed to spin, drain properly, or make any movements? You may have noticed:

  • Unusual noises during the cycle
  • Water leakage from underneath
  • Unresponsive buttons and controls
  • Excessive vibration during the spin cycle
  • A timer that won’t advance
  • Failure to fill or drain

Call us for help unless you’d rather spend your Saturday mornings at the laundromat (BTW, we fix laundromat washers, too).

Magic Chef Dryer Repair

A broken dryer will likewise send you to the laundromat unless you still have your clothesline from 1952. So what’s the issue?

  •  Unusual noises during the cycle?
  • Failure to start, heat up, or tumble?
  • Excessive vibration due to lint buildup?
  • Unresponsive buttons and controls?
  • Water leakage from underneath the machine?
  • An overheating motor?

We’ll have your dryer running like new in no time. Possibly in less time than it would take for a trip to the laundromat.

Magic Chef Appliance Installation

All appliances have a finite lifespan. Most kitchen appliances have a shorter life than a housecat. You may have come to a point where it will cost almost as much to repair your old refrigerator, dishwasher, or range as it would to purchase a new unit.

We’ll give the news to you straight.

We can help you select a suitable appliance model for your home, transport and set up the appliance, test its operation, and properly dispose of any old units. We take care of everything — so you don’t have to!

Why Choose West Coast Chief for Your Magic Chef Appliance Repair?

  1. We specialize in appliance repairs.
  2. Our technicians are licensed and certified.
  3. We provide same-day service when possible (and parts are available).
  4. We stock most parts and can perform most repairs on the spot.
  5. Our upfront pricing policy ensures no hidden fees or surprises when you receive the bill.
  6. All repairs come with a guarantee on labor and parts. We honor all manufacturer warranties and will work with your insurance company.