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Commercial Laundry Repair & Service

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Commercial Laundry Service Worth the Coin

Coin-operated laundry centers have been around for about 70 years and continue to provide a vital service to many parts of the community. These washers offer a cost-effective way for people who do not have their own appliances to clean and dry their clothes without having the expense of using a laundry service.

If your business has these facilities, you understand the importance of keeping them running. Effective and timely repairs keep your business running and your customers from going elsewhere.

Working together with West Coast Chief will help ensure your business is able to provide an efficient, reliable service to your customers.

We have talented service professionals with the ability to reach you quickly and get your equipment back in operation. We do this with an understanding and appreciation of you, the customer-oriented business. Our prices are reasonable, and we have a very flexible schedule.

Troubleshooting Coin-Operated Machines

Most commercial laundry equipment is coin-operated, coins and other foreign objects can get stuck in the mechanisms. We have constructed a comprehensive guide to removing these blockages on a separate page.

Commercial washing machines and dryers are subjected to more and often rougher use than the ones at home. These machines are tougher but still go wrong, some problems can be resolved without calling us out.

Commercial Washing Machines

If the machine doesn’t fill with water, check the following:

  • Door shut
  • Power and fuses
  • Inlet hoses for kinks and ensure any faucets are on

If you find unexplained leaks:

  • Object stuck in the door preventing it sealing
  • Tighten inlet hose seals at either end
  • Blockages or kinks in the outlet drainage

Machine won’t empty

  • Power loss during operation – restart or check power
  • Check drainage for kinks or blockages
  • Restart the cycle

Commercial Dryers

Assuming the dryer in question is heating and turning, other issues will be related to extended drying times. This can be caused by mixed or excessive loads but if the dryer is persistently slow there are several things you could check.

  • Blocked exhaust duct
  • Lint filters
  • High enough temperature reached

Only attempt any of these tasks if you feel confident in your ability to do so competently and most importantly safely. Otherwise, leave it to us, you’ll find our rates reasonable and our work reliable.

Daily Commercial Washer Maintenance

Carrying out routine daily upkeep is the best way to help ensure that your machines have a long and trouble-free life.

Each type of coin-operated washer will have its own requirements, and West Coast Chief Repair will be happy to assist with planning a daily schedule for your specific coin-operated washers. Daily checks should include:

  • Cleaning spilled detergent or other cleaning agents from the top of the washer
  • Making sure that any buildup of detergent in the dispenser is removed
  • Checking that the drain valve is operating correctly with no clogs or jams
  • Making sure that there is no debris on the seal (on front loading washers)
  • Making sure that no safety devices are missing or damaged
  • Leaving the washer door and detergent drawer open when not in use (to allow air drying)

Routine Commercial Dryer Maintenance

Commercial coin-operated dryers, possibly even more than washers, need constant care and routine preventative checks to make sure they’re operating at maximum efficiency and safety. The biggest area that needs attention, apart from making sure that safety interlocks are working correctly, is the lint traps.

While all coin-operated dryers have built-in safety features that will prevent the dryer from overheating, any blocking of the vents will result in the dryer not drying the clothes efficiently and may cause the machine to cut out. Your machines not operating at their best will result in a poor customer experience.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance (or PPM) is a system used in manufacturing where an owner sets time aside for routine checks and housekeeping tasks during a part of the day when it causes minimal disruption to production.

This ensures that any parts that need to be checked, cleaned, lubricated, or adjusted are inspected in a timely manner. Carrying out PPM reduces the frequency of breakdowns, and therefore the time and income lost through them. When it is performed by an expert, you reduce your risks even further.

In addition, your dryers need in-depth services too. Also, the work required by electric dryers differs from the gas analogs. At West Coast Chief Repair, we have technicians that are fully trained in the care of both kinds.

You can be confident that the quality of service that you will receive will be second to none. The aim of carrying out maintenance at pre-planned times is to reduce the downtime on your dryers and catch potential problems while they are small, and inexpensive to rectify.

An example of this would be drum drive belts, which are hidden inside the machine. During a planned service, belts are checked for wear and tension and, if necessary, replaced.

This eliminates the possibility of having to take the dryer out of operation while you wait for a technician to attend and replace the belt.

Additionally, manufacturers recommend that you have the intake and exhaust vent pipes professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Planning your maintenance will ensure that all these necessary tasks are carried out at the same time.

Such planning will minimize each dryer’s downtime. West Coast Chief Repair will work with you to create a suitable schedule for keeping your coin-operated laundry in top condition.

Planned Maintenance Reduces Your Costs

Like a car, an unmaintained washer or dryer will probably continue to function for a considerable time after a missed service appointment. However, the efficiency will diminish over time. This reduced efficiency means that your running costs will increase. Here are some good reasons to avoid infrequent maintenance:

  • Poor lubrication of bearings results in motors requiring more power to turn the drum
  • Slack drive belts cause the drum to slip during operation
  • Carbonized gas jets (on gas dryers) won’t burn efficiently, causing longer drying times
  • Blocked vents can eventually become a fire hazard
  • Leaks, even small ones, waste water, costing money
  • Calcification of heating elements causes washers to take longer to heat water, increasing electric bills
  • Worn or dry bearings are less efficient, requiring more power to turn the drums
  • Blocked filters slow down operation, reducing machine efficiency

Well-planned inspections catch these potential problems before they become a major issue. As a result, most of these additional costs and inconveniences can be eliminated.

West Coast Chief technicians know what to look for, and will be able to address problems as they arise. In addition to such tangible costs, there are additional costs that are harder to measure but can affect your bottom line even more. For example, it is a fact that poorly maintained machines do not wash clothes as well as well-maintained machines.

When it gets to the stage that your customers notice, they will take their business elsewhere. So with a proper maintenance schedule, not only do you minimize breakdowns; you will also reduce your water and power bills and keep your customers happy while maintaining their loyalty.