Appliance, AC & Furnace Repair Tips

Coin washer slide

Why Washer Coin Slides Get Stuck More than 30,000 coin-operated laundries dot the landscape of the USA. They generate upwards of $5 billion in gross annual revenue. That figure doesn’t include communal laundry facilities in apartment complexes and other multi-unit residential buildings. Coin-operated washers and dryers are big business. Considering the sheer number of coins […]

Making a summer appliance checklist

Spring is the season for deep cleaning, but we tend to focus more on scrubbing baseboards than on tasks that keep our home functioning. So with summer here, it’s the perfect time to tackle those cleaning projects you didn’t quite get to during spring. To get started, tackle the items on our home maintenance checklist […]

Opening the freezer door

Your Freezer’s Running But Not Freezing. What Next? When was the last time you thought about the freezer? Chances are you never do or never will — until something goes wrong. Modern freezers are so reliable that we find it unsettling when they don’t work as designed. It’s a mystery as puzzling as UFOs and […]

Kitchen knives

The dishwasher is a beloved kitchen appliance in many homes, it’s quite the magical machine! You load it with dirty dishes, flip a button, and they all come out clean. This appliance has eliminated one of the biggest struggles in the kitchen: the mess of pots, pans, plates, cutlery, and more associated with cooking. Unfortunately, […]

Maytag repairman

All About Maytag Washers: More Than You Ever Wanted to Know Maytag and its parent company Whirlpool make two types of washers: top-loaders and front-loaders, each requiring a different troubleshooting approach if those washers begin to leak. Because Whirlpool owns Maytag and manufactures both brands in the same factories, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair are almost […]

Refrigerator ice

A DIY Guide to Fix an Overactive Ice Maker One problem in some older Frigidaire refrigerators is an ice maker that won’t stop producing ice once its ice bin reaches capacity. Any appliance can break down with age or extended use. Just like cars, new appliances today are more reliable than they were even 20 […]

Ceramic stovetop

Shopping for an Electric Cooktop When shopping for an electric range, a buyer’s most impactful decision is cooktop type. Not brand. Certainly not color. Not even appliance size or the number of available burners. Most ranges use traditional coil technology or a smooth, glass-ceramic surface for stovetop heating. Each cooktop type holds advantages and disadvantages. […]

Broken washer
At some point, every appliance you own will need repair or replacement. A top-loading washer might last 10-13 years, and their front-loading brethren have even shorter lifespans. Frequency of use is a factor. The average American family does over seven loads of laundry per week. A dryer has a similar lifespan of 10-13 years. For dishwashers, it’s usually even less....
Water fountain

The fridge is leaking. Can you DIY the repair? Like most people, you take your fridge for granted. You open the door, help yourself to a snack, and close the door again, repeating the exercise several times throughout the day. The refrigerator is the one appliance you never have to think about. Ol’ reliable. It […]

Tankless water heater

Tankless water heaters are an excellent way to save on your energy bills, free up space in your home, and make your carbon footprint a little smaller. But while they come with many benefits, things do go wrong from time to time. And since these water heaters are different from traditional water heaters, the solutions […]

Freezer with frost buildup

Freezer compartments and standalone freezers make it easy for you to store food long-term and keep your grocery bill down. But, to perform their job properly, these widely used major appliances must receive regular maintenance. Here are three low-stress freezer maintenance tips that will help you keep it going strong and avoid an expensive repair […]

A woman cleans the fridge

A working refrigerator is essential for the smooth function of your household. In fact, even a small malfunction in this workhorse appliance can lead to significant disruption of your normal routine. Fortunately, with these 5 quick tips, you can greatly decrease the odds that you will experience unexpected problems if you establish and carry out […]

A kitten naps on an electric heater

When choosing a heater for your home, there are several factors to consider. Do you have a gas hookup? What is the climate like in your area? How big is your home? This article will compare gas and electric heaters and help you decide which one is right for you. The Cliff Notes Gas heaters […]

Range with hood

When your kitchen fills with smoke and steam, you automatically turn to your range hood and flip it on. The range hood uses its fans to quickly pull the smoke right out of your kitchen. This clears the air, improves your cooking experience, and protects your cabinets. However, if you don’t perform regular cleaning, the […]

Clogged kitchen sink

Often times, we think of our garbage disposals as the ultimate food removal system. Anything that can fit down there is fair game, and if it doesn’t fit? We might stuff it down there anyway and flip the switch in the hope it gets the job done. Certainly, garbage disposals are durable and practical, and […]

Furnace repairs

Furnace malfunctions are fairly common in both residential and commercial buildings. In many cases, you’ll need help from a repair professional to correct the problems affecting your building. However, before you call a professional service provider, you can take a variety of do-it-yourself steps to help you troubleshoot the situation. If you’re lucky, the problem […]

Man holding up five fingers

1. Outstanding Reliability American Standard is well-known for the high bar it sets for initial quality and long-term durability. In fact, nationwide testing conducted in 2016 showed that no other major manufacturer produces a more reliable product. This means that the American Standard air conditioning unit you purchase today will keep providing you with uninterrupted […]

Cups & glasses in the dishwasher

If you have ever shared a home with another adult, chances are you’ve gotten into a debate about the correct way to load a dishwasher. Why is this a topic people love to argue about? Because everyone is convinced their way is correct. But is it? Believe it or not, this is a topic that […]

Cleaning the oven

Your stove and oven get used day in and day out. They see it all from oil to vinegar, grease, burned-on food, sticky honey and sugar, and even worse. Spaghetti sauce splatters all over the stovetop and the marinade from your chicken dish might slop into the oven as you’re pulling it out. A stove […]

Paying the bills

All of the appliances in your home will inevitably experience malfunctions that make them work less effectively or stop working entirely. When these problems arise, you face a dilemma that has long confronted homeowners throughout the nation: Should you get the appliance in question repaired or just go ahead and replace it with a new […]

When the fridge won't cool

Your refrigerator works hard every day to keep your beverages cold and provide safe storage for your cooked and uncooked food. Under the strain of this constant workload, even high-quality models can develop problems that reduce their function or stop them from working at all. Some refrigerator problems are extensive or complicated and therefore call […]

A washer filling up

Which household appliance is the most important in your home? That’s a difficult question to answer. Most people would say the refrigerator, some might say the stove, but we think that one we tend to overlook is actually the most vital: the washing machine. For most of us, laundry machines are something we take for […]

Outdoor air conditioning unit

An air conditioner is one of the greatest appliances a home can have. When the outdoor heat reaches its peak in Southern California, an air conditioner is the only sure-fire way to stay cool and comfortable indoors. Of course, an air conditioner is only good when it works, right? At West Coast Chief Appliance, we […]

Showing proper appliance use

As the old adage goes — most accidents happen at home. Kids can be injured by any household appliance, but any household appliance can be rendered inoperative by the little darlings too. Toast in the DVD player, DVDs in the toaster, family pets in various places they don’t want to be are examples of the […]