Appliance, AC & Furnace Repair Tips

Loading a front load washer

Front-loaders come with one significant drawback: a tendency to accumulate mold and, therefore, unpleasant smells.

They seal tightly to prevent water leakage, creating an ideal environment for mold growth. Recent redesigns have mostly eliminated this problem; still, you may encounter mold and stench, especially if you own an older front-loading model.

The good news is that you can reduce the...

Dirty air conditioner filters

In Los Angeles, air conditioning is a necessity, not a luxury. Air conditioning is essential for comfort and safety during the city’s long, hot summers, which get hotter by the year. Unless they’re well-maintained, all ac units develop problems over time, from minor hiccups that compromise their performance to full-blown failure. We’re here to talk […]

A man feels the heat

Temperatures are rising, and energy bills mirror the temperature trend line. This article presents a few strategies to help you stay cool at home within a budget. We invite you to browse the information below and decide which strategies make the most sense for you. Air conditioners can be a massive drain on your energy […]

DIY repair

DIY Appliance Repair: Why Do It? The rewards are obvious! You save money (maybe)! Or perhaps you’re not thinking as clearly as you should when you undertake that DIY repair on your stove, fridge, or air conditioner that has been running a little rough lately. Dealing with a broken appliance is stressful. It’s also potentially […]

Sale prices

Many people wait until their appliances die before considering a replacement. While that approach squeezes the most out of an old appliance, it does nothing to help the buyer save money on a new appliance. If you know the average lifespan of your home appliances, you can plan your replacements accordingly. For example, most refrigerators […]

Stainless steel kitchen

Steel appliances are the number one choice for many homeowners due to their sleek appearance, ability to resist corrosion, and the fact that they match nearly any kitchen decor. The downside is that they’re notorious for collecting smudges and fingerprints! They need plenty of cleaning TLC to look their best. Read on if you own […]

Window air conditioner

As the temperatures rise, you may want to turn your air conditioner up full blast to enjoy the cool air. It’s best to give your AC a check-up before you do. Window unit air conditioners need regular maintenance to keep performing at their peak. With some simple DIY care, you can help keep your energy […]

Dirty gas burner

How to Fix a Gas Stove Burner Let’s set the scene. You’ve planned a romantic evening of candlelight, wine, patchouli oil, and maybe a little throwback Kenny G. You’re preparing that special dish for that special someone. Not just any dish, but your specialty, the dish that never fails to amaze. You’ve chopped the scallops […]

New kitchen appliances

To repair or replace an aging appliance? It’s one of the bigger decisions you’ll face as a homeowner. Appliances are a huge investment, and you’ll want to make the right choice when it comes time to upgrade. Ongoing repairs are a nuisance and an investment in themselves, and an unreliable appliance will not only throw […]

Dishwasher inlet valve

Repair professionals understand that just a few components are responsible for most appliance problems.

With dishwashers, the water inlet valve is always a prime suspect. When your dishwasher goes rogue, expect to find the inlet valve in the subsequent police lineup.

An air conditioner condenser

In essence, the condenser is a simple device whose basic function is to expel heat, in most cases, it shares a housing with the compressor and they both comprise the Condenser Unit. The compressor receives the refrigerant in gaseous form at room temperature and increases the pressure which in turn increases the temperature. The hot […]

Appliance temperature controls

What’s a Thermostat? All heating and cooling devices contain at least one thermostat; otherwise, they wouldn’t know when to stop heating or cooling. A thermostat simply controls whether a device is operating or not. It doesn’t control the rate of cooling or heating. Turning the thermostat down to its lowest setting will not make the […]

Exposed air conditioning unit

Compressors for air conditioning units are one of the main components of your home’s cooling system and represent a significant cost. Call us for a price and up-to-date cost of repair, replacement, or installation. Your air conditioner is one of those essential devices during hot summer days. Keeping the indoor temperature at an acceptable level […]

Emptying the dryer

From Rocks to Bosch: A Brief History of Clothes Drying In simplest terms, a dryer extracts water from clothing, either in a liquid or gaseous state. Huh? We may have lost you already. But that’s just a highfalutin way of saying there are three ways to dry your wet laundry. You can force the water […]

A woman loads the washer

How to Extend the Life of Your Washer Most washing machine owners want to make sure that their machine lasts as long as possible and performs well. With a bit of regular washing machine maintenance, you can prolong the life of your appliance and prevent damage that would require repairs or worse, a replacement. Over […]

Nine key on a keyboard

Regular Refrigerator Maintenance Promotes Energy Efficiency Your refrigerator is a household appliance that needs maintenance to be energy efficient and save you money. Additionally, regular refrigerator maintenance will help extend the life of the appliance. However, if your refrigerator is over 15 years old, you may benefit by upgrading to a newer model to take […]

Repair equipment

Refrigerator Parts: What to Know No matter the age of your refrigerator, parts can break or wear out. It’s important to understand how refrigerator parts function in order to repair or replace them when needed. Some repairs can be handled as a DIY project, while others need a professional technician to diagnose and fix the […]

Ice crystals

While our troubleshooting guide can help you figure out what’s wrong with your fridge and the possible causes, it’s always best to get a professional opinion if you decide not to troubleshoot the issue yourself, or you’ve misdiagnosed the cause of the issue.

Coin washer slide

Why Washer Coin Slides Get Stuck More than 30,000 coin-operated laundries dot the landscape of the USA. They generate upwards of $5 billion in gross annual revenue. That figure doesn’t include communal laundry facilities in apartment complexes and other multi-unit residential buildings. Coin-operated washers and dryers are big business. Considering the sheer number of coins […]

Making a summer appliance checklist

Spring is the season for deep cleaning, but we tend to focus more on scrubbing baseboards than on tasks that keep our home functioning. So with summer here, it’s the perfect time to tackle those cleaning projects you didn’t quite get to during spring. To get started, tackle the items on our home maintenance checklist […]

Opening the freezer door

Your Freezer’s Running But Not Freezing. What Next? When was the last time you thought about the freezer? Chances are you never do or never will — until something goes wrong. Modern freezers are so reliable that we find it unsettling when they don’t work as designed. It’s a mystery as puzzling as UFOs and […]

Kitchen knives

The dishwasher is a beloved kitchen appliance in many homes, it’s quite the magical machine! You load it with dirty dishes, flip a button, and they all come out clean. This appliance has eliminated one of the biggest struggles in the kitchen: the mess of pots, pans, plates, cutlery, and more associated with cooking. Unfortunately, […]

Maytag repairman

All About Maytag Washers: More Than You Ever Wanted to Know Maytag and its parent company Whirlpool make two types of washers: top-loaders and front-loaders, each requiring a different troubleshooting approach if those washers begin to leak. Because Whirlpool owns Maytag and manufactures both brands in the same factories, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair are almost […]

Refrigerator ice

A DIY Guide to Fix an Overactive Ice Maker One problem in some older Frigidaire refrigerators is an ice maker that won’t stop producing ice once its ice bin reaches capacity. Any appliance can break down with age or extended use. Just like cars, new appliances today are more reliable than they were even 20 […]