3 Easy Freezer Maintenance Tips

Freezer with frost buildup

Freezer compartments and standalone freezers make it easy for you to store food long-term and keep your grocery bill down. But, to perform their job properly, these widely used major appliances must receive regular maintenance. Here are three low-stress freezer maintenance tips that will help you keep it going strong and avoid an expensive repair or replacement.

1. Clean the Freezer Interior Regularly

Just like a refrigerator, any freezer or freezer compartment can gradually accumulate spilled substances. Over time, such spills can lead to foul odors that filter into your kitchen, garage or utility room whenever you open your freezer door. A spill can also lead to sealing problems and loss of temperature control if it interferes with the function of your unit’s door gasket. To avoid these issues, periodically clean out the interior of your freezer.

A thorough cleaning does not require you to turn the appliance off. (In fact, if you do so, you can waste a significant amount of time and energy.) However, you will need to temporarily empty the compartment. To wipe down the freezer walls and shelves, all you’ll need is a clean cloth or rag, water, and a bit of dish detergent. If there’s food buildup on the door gasket, you may need to go an extra step and use a spray cleaner. You can combat existing odors and future odor issues with good old baking soda or a specialized freezer deodorizer.

2. Check the Condition of the Freezer Gasket

Gasket is a fancy name for the strip of rubber that sits just inside the inner edge of your freezer door. When you close the door, this material compresses down and forms an airtight seal. In turn, this seal ideally helps keep the unit’s compartment at or near its recommended operating temperature of 0 F. If the gasket fails anywhere along its length, it loses its ability to perform this job properly.

To thwart any potential for sealing problems, you should periodically examine your freezer door gasket and look for signs of excessive wear. If you notice any wear, you should follow up with a gasket replacement. Fortunately, the replacement process is simple enough for most homeowners to complete on their own. Of course, if you prefer, you can always turn to an appliance repair professional for assistance.

3. Keep Your Freezer Relatively Full

This may sound strange, but your freezer does its job much more efficiently when it must keep a lot of items cold. In fact, if you don’t keep a unit well-stocked, you’ll increase your related utility costs by a significant amount. You’ll also make the appliance work harder and increase the likelihood that premature breakdowns will occur. At all times, shoot for a freezer level that’s a minimum of two-thirds of maximum capacity. Remember to evenly balance the distribution of anything you add to your freezer. That will allow you to maximize efficiency and decrease the appliance workload.

If you have any questions about the best approach to freezer maintenance, you can call on the professionals at West Coast Chief Repair. Every day of the year, we help residents of the region’s many communities keep their major appliances healthy and trouble-free. You can also turn to us if you’re experiencing freezer-related problems! Call us whether you need a repair or a complete unit replacement. Call us today for more information and advice.



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