Refrigerator Parts That May Need Replacement

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Refrigerator Parts: What to Know

No matter the age of your refrigerator, parts can break or wear out. It’s important to understand how refrigerator parts function in order to repair or replace them when needed. Some repairs can be handled as a DIY project, while others need a professional technician to diagnose and fix the problem.

Refrigerator Parts That May Need Replacement

  • Thermistor
    A thermistor is a resistor sensor that monitors temperature readings and sends signals to the central control board to turn on the cooling cycle of your refrigerator.
  • Thermostat
    A thermostat allows a person to adjust and control the temperature of a refrigerator.
  • Thermometer
    A thermometer reads the current temperature of the fridge.
  • Light bulbs
    Refrigerator bulbs typically use 40-watt appliance bulbs; however, some use a 60-watt bulb. Some modern units use LED lights to illuminate your fridge. It’s critical to use the right bulb type because they are resistant to temperature changes.
  • Compressor
    The compressor is the heart of any refrigerator, as it “pumps” coolant through your system by making changes in pressure. With the correct amount of pressure, coolant will evaporate and condense at the correct points in the refrigeration cycle to absorb the heat inside the refrigerator and transfer it outside the unit. This is because most of the electricity consumed by your refrigerator is used by the compressor. Located at the back of the refrigerator, this critical part must operate properly if you want to keep the refrigerant moving, and the interior cool. Before purchasing a compressor, you should definitely make sure that it comes with a warranty that lasts for many years
  • Refrigerant
    Refrigerant, or coolant, is a liquid that facilitates the transfer of heat from inside your unit to the outside. If the coils on the back of your refrigerator have ever felt warm, that’s because the coolant flowing through the system has pulled that heat from the inside, thus cooling it down. The compressor forces refrigerant through this cycle by using a motor to create pressure.
  • Condenser
    The condenser coils help cool and condense the refrigerant. It does this by enabling the refrigerant to release heat that it absorbed from inside the unit. It is located outside the refrigerator, on the back.
  • Refrigerator Door
    Your refrigerator door has many features that enable you to store several kinds of food items. It employs rubber seals around its edge to insulate the interior and guard against the growth of bacteria that could cause food spoilage. Door seals help contain the cold air within the refrigerator. It needs replacing when the seal is bent or broken.
  • Defrost Heaters
    Defrost Heaters are designed to melt frost that’s been to melt any frost that has built up on the evaporator coil.
  • Shelves & Drawers
    Shelves and drawers allow you to store all kinds of food and drink items. Usually, they are adjustable, enabling you to customize the space of the interior. Proper space maintenance is the key to getting the most use out of your unit.
  • Ice maker or deep freezer unit
    The coldest part of the freezer, your ice maker is a small compartment that can be used for storing ice cream or meat, and of course, for making ice.
  • Digital display screen or temperature controller
    Most high-end refrigerators come with a digital display screen that enables you to read and set the temperature. Older and economy models use a simple knob or dial to set the temperature. Though not as accurate, it serves the same purpose.

Refrigerator Accessories That May Need Replacement

  • Refrigerator voltage stabilizer
    A voltage stabilizer protects your refrigerator from voltage fluctuations. Power surges and other similar hazards can damage the electronic components of a refrigerator. Connecting your unit to a voltage stabilizer will insulate it from such fluctuations and can thereby increase its useful life. Before purchasing a refrigerator, ask which kind of voltage stabilizer it has and check that product’s performance record.
  • Refrigerator stand
    A refrigerator stand elevates your unit, making it easy to access and clean. As simple as it sounds, an accessible fridge makes your life a lot easier. Always take space and weight into account when choosing a refrigerator stand; there are some available on the market that are adjustable to provide you with greater flexibility.
  • Refrigerator deodorizer
    Many people have their own life hacks for reducing odor in their refrigerator. However, a refrigerator deodorizer is designed for absorbing smells and abating the growth of bacteria. Without a good solution, any kind of old food smell can linger in your unit for weeks and compromise the aroma of any food you store. A quick study of these products will help you understand how they work and which ones are cost-effective.
  • Sealable boxes & bottles
    Sealable boxes and bottles are perfect for storing food and drink items and organizing space in your refrigerator. The seal on these boxes keeps your food fresh in both your refrigerator and freezer, protecting it from any odors that may be lingering inside. It also prevents the smell of your food from creating odors inside your unit and permeating other food items, thereby tainting their flavor and smell. These containers are found in a variety of styles, shapes, and quality to suit your needs.
  • Ice Trays
    Ice trays likewise range in quality. When buying ice trays, make sure that you choose a brand that is durable, and easy to clean, use and store. Keep in mind that there are many shapes available; stylish and creative molds can add flair to your festive gatherings, and are great for special desserts and drinks. If your refrigerator has an ice maker, you should still have a few trays on-hand in the event that your ice maker isn’t working properly.
  • Water & ice dispenser
    If your refrigerator has an ice maker or a water dispenser, please make sure you clean the filter regularly and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance and use. If you are looking for a new refrigerator and are considering an ice maker and/or water dispenser, you absolutely must know the quality of the filter and understand what the unit will require in the way of maintenance. With proper maintenance, this feature can improve your overall health and be a tremendous asset. Without such maintenance, you are simply wasting your money.
  • Antibacterial & antifungal gasket
    Your refrigerator’s removable antifungal gasket serves a special purpose. As the name implies, it inhibits the growth of fungus and bacteria in your unit and is easy to remove and clean. As always, you should follow your manufacturer’s recommended guidelines for selecting such an item to ensure proper function and optimal results.



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