How to Make a Home Appliance Maintenance Checklist for Summer

Making a summer appliance checklist

Spring is the season for deep cleaning, but we tend to focus more on scrubbing baseboards than on tasks that keep our home functioning.

So with summer here, it’s the perfect time to tackle those cleaning projects you didn’t quite get to during spring. To get started, tackle the items on our home maintenance checklist below.


Refrigerator Coils: Dusty coils are a big problem. Not only can they be a hazard, but they decrease the efficiency of your fridge, raising your yearly electric costs by $100 or more.

To clean, turn off the power to the fridge and then use the brush attachment on your vacuum to gently clean the coils. No brush attachment? Use a cardboard tube as a replacement.

Refrigerator Door Gasket: This item is the flexible rubber on the doors of your fridge and freezer. Over time, it wears down or becomes dirty and compromises the seal.

Inspect it carefully for cracks or tears, and replace it if you find any. If you don’t, then clean it well with soap and water. Test the seal by closing the door on a piece of paper and then pulling it out. If you feel resistance, all is well.

Range Hood Filter: During your spring cleaning, you likely scrubbed the outside of the range hood, but the filter also needs cleaning.

Remove it and scrub it well with hot, soapy water; you can also run it through the dishwasher. If possible, clean the blades of the exhaust fan as well.


Vent Fans: Because the blades are hidden, we tend not to realize how dirty bathroom vent fans can be. To clean them, simply remove the cover and use the vacuum to get out the dust. If you notice anything left over, use a damp rag to remove it.

Shower heads: Hard water can cause mineral deposits to build up on the shower head, clogging it and reducing water flow.

For an easy fix, pour white vinegar into a bag and tie it over the shower head. Let it sit for at least 12 hours, but more is better. Then, take it off and use hot water to rinse.

Drains: While you should clean the drains in the kitchen as well, no drain gets clogged as easily as the shower drain. To remove hair and other debris, take off the drain cover and use the drain stick to pull out any clogs.

When done, pour a drain cleaner down the drain and then pour water down after ten minutes.

Other Stuff

Ceiling Fan Blades: If you forgot about these in the spring, be sure to get them clean before you turn them on this summer. To pull the dust away without spreading it around, use a dust-attracting cloth, or for a more creative approach, rubber band a dryer sheet to an old paint roller.

Dryer Vent: Your lint trap doesn’t catch everything, and some lint will get into the vent pipe. This is a serious fire hazard, so you should clean your vent every season. Simply remove the cover and use a vacuum to pull out any lint.

Air Conditioner Filter: If you haven’t already turned on the AC, you will soon. Make sure it is functioning at its best by cleaning any dirt and debris from the filter or by replacing the filter. To clean, simply remove the filter and vacuum it.

Even Well-Maintained Appliances Can Break Down

No appliance lasts forever. Eventually, all appliances on your home maintenance checklist will need repair. When this happens, turn to Chief Appliance Repair. Our team is on call and ready to get any household appliance back in action. Simply give us a call, and we’ll head over.




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