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Haier is one of the worldwide heavyweights in the home appliances industry. One of the keys to the company’s success is the manufacture of quality products that meet real consumer needs. However, time and repeated use take a toll on even the hardiest household appliances.

Experiencing problems with the function of your Haier products? Just call the seasoned professionals at West Coast Chief Repair. For decades, we’ve served as the region’s go-to source for top-notch, affordable services. So, today, we stand as greater L.A.’s leader in brand-specific repairs that help you keep your household on the go.

Haier Refrigerator Repair

Haier manufactures top-quality refrigerators and refrigerator/freezers in a range of standard and unique configurations. Available formats include French-door units, top-freezer units, and bottom-freezer units. Haier rounds out your options with quad-door units and under-counter, dual-drawer units. Standout features of these products include:

  • External, touch-operated temperature controls
  • Quick cool settings
  • Quick freeze settings
  • A special Sabbath mode that temporarily disables certain fridge functions
  • Dual freezer drawers
  • Bins equipped with separate temperature controls

At West Coast Chief, we’re familiar with the repair needs all Haier fridges and refrigerator/freezers. Our expertise covers features only found in the company’s products, as well as more widely used technologies. This comprehensive knowhow simplifies the process for repairing both minor and major malfunctions.

Haier Cooking Appliances

Range Repair

The Haier line of cooking appliances begins with gas-powered ranges. These robust ranges come with key features such as:

  • Convection air circulation for improved baking
  • Triple-ringed burners suitable for wok cooking
  • Easy-clean sealed burners
  • Multiple cooking modes

Our skilled technicians can tackle any problem affecting the day-to-day function of your Haier range. That’s true whether issues appear in the company’s unique components or more basic range functions.

Cooktop Repair

Haier manufactures both gas- and electricity-powered cooktops. These products combine ease of use with advanced features that include:

  • Sealed, triple-ringed burners
  • Continuous grates made from cast iron (on gas cooktops)
  • Ceramic glass cooking surfaces (on electric cooktops)
  • A dedicated dual-element burner (on electric cooktops)

Whether your cooktop runs on gas or electricity, West Coast Chief is the preferred source for brand-specific repairs. Our long experience with Haier products helps maximize both our efficiency and reliability.

Haier Wall Oven Repair

Haier’s wall ovens come in both single and dual formats. The company focuses on advanced, European convection technology in all its oven products. Additional convenience-enhancing features include such things as:

  • Sensor touch controls with LCDs
  • 10 pre-programmed cooking settings
  • A self-cleaning function
  • Hidden, sealed bake elements for simpler cleaning
  • Child safety locks

Familiarity with Haier-specific oven technology is the key to our success in repairing these products. Of course, we also excel in the repair of all the non-unique components of the model installed in your home.

Haier Microwave Oven Repair

Haier offers over-the-range microwaves equipped with features that include:

  • Auto-adjust sensors for cooking accuracy and speed
  • LED-based electronic controls
  • Dual-speed venting
  • Multiple venting options
  • 10 power presets
  • A full 1,000 watts in cooking power
  • Fume- and odor-reducing charcoal filters

West Coast Chief Repair’s microwave repairs meet the same strict criteria we use when repairing any other Haier cooking appliances. Our tried-and-true formula leads to reliable solutions that save you from inconvenience and unnecessary costs.

Haier Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers also form an essential part of Haier’s line of high-quality kitchen appliances. Features of these built-in products include:

  • Multiple washing cycles
  • An automatic sequence that senses water temperature and the amount of dirt on your dishes
  • An optional sanitizing function
  • WIFI compatibility for smartphone-based control
  • Hidden, integrated touch controls
  • An adjustable delayed-start function

With their many advanced functions, Haier dishwashers can present a real challenge for service technicians. The professionals at West Coast Chief meet this challenge with the region’s most effective, timely repairs.

Haier Clothes Washer & Dryer Repair

Haier manufactures a range of modern appliances that combine clothes washing and drying functions into a single unit. These combo appliances come with features such as:

  • Adjustable delayed-start capabilities
  • On/off dryer functions
  • On/off spin cycle settings
  • Condensing technology that eliminates the need for vented drying
  • Multiple dryer temperature settings

The company also manufactures dedicated dryer models equipped with:

  • Automatic dryness sensors
  • Multiple options for timed drying
  • Multiple options for automatic drying
  • High-precision electronic controls
  • Automatic filter warnings for lint and dirt

Whether you own a Haier dryer or washer/dryer combo, you’ll find the servicing expertise you need at West Coast Chief. In all cases, we focus on the repairs necessary to correct problems in your specific appliance model. This attention to detail is essential for predictable, positive outcomes.

Haier Air Conditioners

Haier manufactures almost three dozen models of window-mounted, wall-mounted and portable air conditioners. Features that make these diverse products consumer favorites include:

  • Remotely operable digital thermostat controls
  • WIFI compatibility for smartphone-based operation
  • Dehumidifier functions
  • Power-saving modes
  • Programmable timers
  • Multiple cooling and fan speeds
  • Low noise output

No matter what type of Haier air conditioner you use, we possess the skill and experience needed for prompt, accurate repairs. On every service call, we adjust our procedures to fit the model you own and the problem you’re experiencing. Above all, this focused approach helps us restore the comfort of your indoor environment ASAP.

Other Haier Appliances

Also, West Coast Chief Repair is a premier provider for the repair of all other Haier appliances. Specific products we work on include ductless air handling systems, dehumidifiers, vent hoods and beverage centers. As a result, you’ll benefit from our commitment to customer satisfaction, regardless of product malfunction.

Greater Los Angeles’ Source for Haier-Focused Appliance Repairs

Wherever you live in greater Los Angeles, you can count on the specialists at West Coast Chief Repair. Throughout the region, we’re legendary for our convenience, high quality, and low cost. Also, a large part of our industry prominence rests on our focus on brand-specific repair services.

Have a Haier product in your home? Other providers get by on general solutions. In contrast, we offer custom solutions designed for whatever problem you may face. So, when you must get your appliances in working condition, we’re the experts you can trust. For more information on our Haier repair services, contact us today.