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Specializing in the Repair of ASKO Dishwashers, Washers & Dryers

Sweden-based ASKO Appliances is known throughout the world for its commitment to high-quality manufacturing and designs that emphasize environmental friendliness and reduced utility costs.

Each dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer the company produces come with important features not included by other manufacturers. While these features provide many special benefits, they can also make it difficult to find qualified help for needed maintenance and repairs.

When you need expert help for your ASKO appliance, turn to the specialists at West Coast Chief Repair. Years of training and experience give us unsurpassed familiarity with every dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer in the company’s distinguished line.

And in every case, we combine our top-notch abilities with reasonable pricing, exemplary customer service and superior parts and labor warranties.

ASKO Dishwasher Repair

ASKO makes a variety of dishwashers, including built-in models, panel-ready models that blend in with the rest of your kitchen decor and models designed to operate safely in outdoor environments.

Units in all three of these categories share the same heavy-duty construction, with emphasis given to highly durable stainless steel instead of plastic. In addition, all ASKO models feature a high-powered cleaning mechanism that eliminates the need for pre-cleaning and saves you both time and money.

Certain ASKO dishwashers have an extra-large capacity that allows you to load a lot more dishes than you can in most models from other manufacturers. What’s more, some ASKO models come equipped with a Turbo Drying system that ensures rapid and complete dish drying. The end result is a truly high-quality product that combines stylish design with the industry standard for longevity and durability.

The unique features of ASKO dishwashers provide special challenges when it comes to maintenance and repair. Without an understanding of these features, even a generally experienced repair technician can make errors that lead to everything from inaccurate maintenance scheduling to “repairs” that fail to restore your dishwasher to functional condition. For this reason, you must make sure that the provider you choose knows the ins and outs of the ASKO dishwasher line.

At West Coast Chief, we have extensive experience troubleshooting and repairing ASKO dishwashers. We also understand these high-quality machines’ unique maintenance needs. When you call on us for assistance, you can rest assured that we’ll provide you with expert service specifically tailored for the model you have installed.

ASKO Washer Repair

ASKO makes both home and commercial washing machines. Models in both lines feature stainless-steel construction in both their inner and outer drums. This design choice greatly enhances the longevity of ASKO products. In addition, it creates a more hygienic cleaning environment than the plastic-based designs used by most other washing machine manufacturers. All ASKO washers also come equipped with a range of technological features that set them apart from other products. These features include:

  • Four shock-absorbing inner legs for maximum stability and quiet operation
  • A Steel Seal™ system that eliminates the need for unhygienic, gradually degrading rubber door seals
  • An inner drum design that increases cleaning efficiency while reducing clothing wear and tear, and
  • A self-adjusting system that automatically determines the amount of water needed to clean each load

As you can see, ASKO washing machines differ from standard machines in several important ways. Among other things, this means that anyone seeking to repair an ASKO product must have manufacturer-specific training and experience. Without these resources, a provider simply cannot operate with the required level of expertise.

West Coast Chief’s dedicated technicians are well-versed in the unique features found on ASKO washers. Instead of relying on general knowledge for troubleshooting and repair, we rely on specialized training that focuses on this particular line of products. Our deep understanding greatly enhances the quality of work you can expect and helps ensure your satisfaction with the end result.

Like the ASKO washing machine line, the company’s line of dryers includes both home and commercial-grade models. Some available models, known as vented dryers, pull in outside air, heat it to the required temperature and then vent the heat outdoors. This setup requires you to locate your dryer near an exterior wall. The ASKO line also includes condenser or ventless dryers. Instead of venting heated air, these units cool it down internally through a system of airflow loops. This arrangement makes it possible for you to install a vented dryer almost anywhere.

All ASKO dryers feature a patented sensor system that measures the moisture level in your clothes and turns the machine off automatically when they’re dry. In addition, all models feature a paddle arrangement that circulates your clothes evenly and prevents them from bunching up. Finally, dual lint filters enhance the efficiency of ASKO dryers while also substantially increasing their longevity.

As with other ASKO products, the unique features found in the company’s dryers pose a challenge when breakdowns occur. Unless you call on the services of a technician who understands those features, you can needlessly put yourself at risk of uninformed advice and ineffective repair solutions. There is simply no substitute for manufacturer-specific knowledge.

At West Coast Chief Appliance, our expertise extends to the diagnosis and repair of ASKO dryers. When you call on us for help, our technicians arrive ready to work on the specific model you have installed. From sensor malfunctions to a worn motor or belt, we provide targeted solutions for your vented or ventless model.

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West Coast Chief Repair is Los Angeles’ time-tested leader in major appliance repair. No matter the make or model of the products in your home or business, we provide you with a comprehensive slate of repair, maintenance, and installation services. And instead of treating all products the same, we customize our approach to meet the specifications and requirements of each manufacturer, as well as each appliance model.

Whether you own ASKO appliances or appliances made by any other major manufacturer, you’ll always receive our distinctive combination of affordable prices, same-day service on most calls made before noon and thoughtful, courteous customer service. You’ll also receive a 30-day warranty for all labor we perform, as well as a replacement parts warranty that covers you for up to a full year. Contact any of our three greater Los Angeles locations to schedule your appointment or request more information today.