Air Conditioner Condensers & What They Do

An air conditioner condenser

In essence, the condenser is a simple device whose basic function is to expel heat, in most cases, it shares a housing with the compressor and they both comprise the Condenser Unit. The compressor receives the refrigerant in gaseous form at room temperature and increases the pressure which in turn increases the temperature. The hot gas then passes into the condenser where the heat gradient is dissipated into the air.

Put simply, since it’s hotter it loses more heat more easily. The condenser is so-called because the refrigerant enters it as gas and condenses into a liquid. Gas condensing into a liquid may be more familiar to us when water vapor condenses to form liquid “condensation” on cold surfaces.

The condenser itself is essentially just a long, fluid-filled, tube that’s coiled up with thin metal fins to increase the surface area. A fan draws air across the fins which hasten the cooling. The liquid refrigerant, still under pressure, then passes through the expansion valve where the liquid returns to gas after a rapid reduction in the pressure. It’s the sudden pressure drop that causes the cooling that the whole system works from but this happens outside the condensing unit so is another story.

What Can Go Wrong With a Condenser?

A condenser has no moving parts, so there is not a lot that can go wrong with the condenser itself. The one exception is as the condenser ages, all the heating and cooling can cause micro-cracking in the pipework. In turn, this cracking can lead to a loss of gas, and therefore reduced efficiency or even total failure.

The condensing unit is kept outside and dirty, dusty air is pulled through it by the fans so the elements can take their toll. Dust and leaves are often found within the condenser, and on models with exposed fins, they can become bent after impacts from external forces.

Just a note – if you believe that the problem with your condenser is caused by debris, there may be a temptation to clear it yourself. While it is possible to remove large objects, great care should be taken when removing the buildup of dust and dirt in the areas of the pipework. Some pipes are very delicate and can be punctured or squeezed shut if the correct tools and methods are not used.

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Residential AC Condenser Repair & So Much More

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