Air Conditioning Compressors & What They Do

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Compressors for air conditioning units are one of the main components of your home’s cooling system and represent a significant cost. Call us for a price and up-to-date cost of repair, replacement, or installation. Your air conditioner is one of those essential devices during hot summer days. Keeping the indoor temperature at an acceptable level is important for your family’s comfort and the routine functioning of your household. Therefore, it’s important to keep it in good working order. Even when correctly maintained, any AC unit can experience problems within its operational lifespan. When your unit fails, contact the professionals at West Coast Chief Repair. We specialize in solving any issue related to residential air conditioning units and will arrive at your Los Angeles address in a matter of minutes. In particular, we know how to identify and fix the problems related to residential AC compressor failures. We can repair or replace the faulty compressor safely and at a good price.

What’s an AC Compressor?

The compressor is an integral part of the air conditioning unit. To cool the air, the AC unit functions like a refrigerator. The cold refrigerant in gaseous form is compressed to form a gas that’s under pressure. This pressure produces heat which seems counterintuitive but bare with us. The hot gas then moves to the condenser where the heat is removed by passing through pipes that are cooled by fans. The refrigerant is now in liquid form and still, under pressure, it then passes through an expansion valve into a part of the system that’s at lower pressure. The liquid then becomes a gas again, this process reduces the temperature in the same way as wetting your hand and blowing on it. The cold liquid is then used to cool the home.

Types of Residential AC Compressors

There are five types of air conditioning compressors:

  1. Reciprocating
  2. Scroll (scroll pump or scroll vacuum pump)
  3. Screw
  4. Rotary
  5. Centrifugal

These names refer to the type of pump that’s used to produce the pressure and which one is used depends on the size and cost of the system. We have experience in repairing all types of compressors and the necessary tools to make repairs on the spot. When necessary, we can recommend the most affordable, high-quality replacement parts for a cost-effective repair.

Common Problems with AC compressors & AC Units

Most issues with residential AC compressors occur because of poor maintenance. Cleaning the filters and coils regularly may prolong the compressor’s life and prevent common problems. If your AC still does not function properly, here are some signs that the compressor may need a professional repair:

1. The compressor cycles continuously.

Blown fuses or other electrical issues in your compressor can cause this problem. When operating in such conditions, the air conditioner consumes much more power than normal, and its cooling capacity is significantly reduced. You need to address this problem quickly before other problems occur. For safety reasons, let the professionals handle electrical issues. Our technicians will inspect the wiring and replace any broken parts.

2. The AC compressor doesn’t start.

AC compressors have protective insulation. When this layer gets worn off, it causes the motor to malfunction. The motor can also fail for other reasons, like a faulty thermostat or temperature control board. Regardless of the cause, West Coast Chief Repair will diagnose the problem, then fix or replace the damaged parts.

3. The starting capacitor malfunctions.

The compressor’s motor fails if the starting capacitor is broken. The starting capacitor is a relatively new addition and not every AC unit has one. Our specialists will check the capacitor, and fix the problem or replace the device. If your air conditioner is older and does not have a capacitor, we can install a suitable one.

4. The air conditioner doesn’t cool.

This problem may be caused by low refrigerant or by a problem in the compressor. A higher suction force or a lower discharge pressure may result in inadequate air cooling. Our professionals will measure the quantity of refrigerant to rule out this cause. If everything is ok with the refrigerant, they will proceed to compressor troubleshooting and repair.

5. The compressor overheats.

An overheated compressor can be the result of a variety of problems, from damaged wires to motor failure. After an accurate diagnosis, our specialists will proceed with appropriate repairs, so that you can get back to staying cool. Almost all residential air conditioner repairs need to be performed by professionals. However, understanding where the problem lies helps you provide better information to your technicians. But no matter what, our experts will find your problem and fix it. We’ve been fixing AC units for a long time, and have experience with every make and model.

Repairing Residential AC Compressors

We know that you need your air conditioner in good order as soon as possible. When we receive your phone call, we will send our team of dedicated technicians over. We have the tools and training necessary to solve most AC compressor issues on the spot, and we will not leave your house until your air conditioner is running, or until we find a cost- and time-effective solution for your problem. Every repair we do has a 30-day guarantee to ensure that your unit is back to normal function. Furthermore, all the parts we use to repair the compressor (or other components) are brand new, recommended by the manufacturer and have a 1-year guarantee. Our experience covers every kind of air conditioning unit and compressor. We service wall units, window AC, ductless mini-split, central air systems, and HVAC units. We can provide specialized service and maintenance for all brands on the market as well as those that are no longer made. Regardless of the problem you have with your air conditioning system, we will fix it in a safe, rapid and affordable manner.



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