York, Coleman & LuxAire AC Repair

Air conditioning repair

The air temperature in your home is very important. Heating and cooling systems separate us from the often harsh and extreme weather temperatures outdoors. It’s important to have systems that you can depend on and systems that work properly when you need them.

This is why we’re very particular about the types and brands that we carry and install. Johnson Controls is a giant multinational corporation that has acquired many smaller businesses over the years. Built on the back of the invention of the electric room thermostat by its namesake Warren S. Johnson, the company is a major player in the AC and HVAC industries.

Who Makes York?

York offers some of the highest quality air conditioning units in the industry to keep your home at just the right temperature no matter how hot it gets outside. York has high quality, energy-efficient design that provides top-of-the-line cooling and a virtually soundless operation.

Founded in 1874 in York, Pennsylvania, the York Corporation has been providing excellent products to help make homes across the country more comfortable. York products have been used in the US Capitol building in D.C., the Bank of America in San Francisco, and even in the entire US Navy submarine fleet.

Who Makes Coleman?

We also offer leading residential products by Coleman heating and AC units, also from Johnson Controls. For over 100 years, Coleman has been supplying homes and families across the country with high-quality heating and cooling units to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Coleman is able to provide their customers with all the benefits of a large corporation but the personalization of a small company that really cares for each and every customer.


Still another option is LuxAire heating and AC units. When you need a high-performance system for residential use, LuxAire has you covered. It’s from the Johnson Controls Corporation, and has high-efficiency heating and cooling systems for home use. LuxAire promises to give you efficient, reliable heating and cooling options with courteous and reliable service.

Other Brands

Many companies are now under the guiding hand of Johnson Controls all with many years of expertise and their own unique tradition.


Buy industrial, air-cooled chillers off the shelf and have them delivered in a matter of days. 2-5 days from order to delivery ensures you’re not waiting around to get the job complete.


A residential-centric company supplying to the heating and cooling sector. Delivers efficient, cost-effective equipment that is “Always on Duty”.


Another subsidiary that orients itself towards the residential market with its extensive product range. Gas furnaces, ductless mini-split systems and most other cooling and heating equipment for domestic use.


A direct supplier to the professional, this company aims directly at the light commercial sector and associated areas.


Together, this amalgamation of what used to be part of the Japanese manufacturing and tech giant and the smaller Mini-split System supply a wide range to the trade. If you are looking for high-quality air conditioning from a brand name you can trust, consider any of these excellent brands from Johnson Controls. Each of these brands can be purchased from us and installed by us. Call today to find out more about how we can help you with your air conditioning needs.