Furnace & Heating Maintenance Services

Checking the settings on a furnace

Most furnaces last 15-20 years — maybe more if you treat them well and probably less if you ignore or abuse them.

Modern furnaces are complex machines, especially when gas-powered. They have intricate electrical components and wiring, potentially dangerous if installed incorrectly and poorly maintained.

That’s why furnace installation and maintenance should always be left to professionals. A poorly installed garbage disposal won’t kill you. A bad furnace installation might.

At Chief, we specialize in heating and cooling — air conditioners, furnaces, and HVAC systems. We know every system, brand, and appliance model inside and out.

Call us to inspect your heating system. We’ll tune your furnace, replace any worn parts, and verify that it’s installed correctly and running efficiently, keeping your home warm and comfy all winter long.

Types of Furnaces We Maintain & Repair

Natural Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces are the most efficient on the market but are also the most dangerous if not maintained. Leaks are always a risk; gas fumes are toxic and potentially explosive. So, an annual inspection is a must if you own a gas heater.

Electric Heaters

Most new homes in Southern California are all-electric. Electric heaters are less efficient but easier to install and maintain. And new ENERGY STAR-certified electric units are far more efficient than electric heaters made ten years ago, especially when controlled by a smart thermostat.

Propane Furnaces

Propane furnaces are sometimes installed in homes not connected to the natural gas network. They also need annual maintenance to guard against leaks.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Ductless mini-split systems provide efficient heating and cooling to a home without ductwork. Regular maintenance ensures they’re working correctly and not using more energy than necessary.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are becoming more popular in California to heat and cool a home with a single unit. They’re tricky to repair, so it’s always best to call a professional.

Other Heaters We Service

Wall Heaters

Wall heaters are common in older homes and apartment buildings. They’re usually powered by natural gas or propane and require annual maintenance.

Baseboard Heaters

Baseboard heaters are similar to wall heaters but are usually electric. They’re less common but still need occasional maintenance and safety inspections.

Radiant Heaters

There are three types of radiant heating systems:

  • Hydronic heating
  • Heat piping
  • Electric radiant heating units

We service all three.

Gravity Furnaces

Gravity furnaces are sometimes installed in older homes where the ductwork dates to a bygone age. If you have one, it needs regular maintenance to prevent fires.

Checking furnace compression

Furnace Maintenance Services: What We Offer

Furnace Tune-Ups

Most furnace manufacturers recommend an annual tune-up to keep your furnace running efficiently and prevent small problems from becoming major repairs.

A tune-up includes:

  • Inspecting the furnace for signs of wear and tear
  • Cleaning the furnace and its parts
  • Replacing filters
  • Checking connections and wiring
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Replacing any worn parts
  • Testing the furnace
  • Checking the ducts for blockages and leaks
  • Checking the thermostat

HVAC Tune-Ups

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are all interconnected. So, it’s important to have all three parts of your HVAC system serviced at the same time.


Our HVAC tune-ups include all points listed above, plus a thorough inspection, cleaning, recharging, and lubrication of your air conditioner.

Smart Thermostat Installation

Smart thermostats can save money by automatically adjusting the temperature to match your schedule and maximizing energy efficiency.

We can install a smart thermostat for you, program it to your preferences, and show you how to use it to get the most out of your furnace.

Air filtration System Installation

An air filtration system can remove contaminants from your furnace’s airflow, helping your furnace run more efficiently and improving the air quality in your home.

Ductwork Repair & Installation

If your furnace isn’t heating or cooling evenly, if certain rooms are too hot or too cold, or if your furnace is using more energy than it should, your ductwork may be to blame.

We’ll inspect your ductwork and repair any leaks or damage. We can also install new ducts if necessary.

Furnace Repairs

No matter how well you maintain your furnace, parts will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. When that happens, we’ll come to your home, diagnose the problem quickly, and repair your furnace fast.

Furnace Replacement

Sometimes, the best solution is to replace your old furnace with a new, more efficient model. We’ll help you choose the right furnace for your home and budget and install it to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Maintenance vs. Replacement: Recognize the Warning Signs

Here are some clues that your furnace is approaching the end of its service life:

  • Your energy bills have shot up
  • The furnace makes strange noises
  • The furnace doesn’t produce enough heat
  • The furnace cycles on and off too frequently
  • You have increasingly frequent repairs

Call us if you’re unsure whether you need a new furnace or a repair. We’ll offer an honest appraisal and help you make the best decision for your needs and budget.

New Furnace Efficiency vs. Old

New furnaces are much more energy-efficient than older models. ENERGY STAR-certified furnaces are about 15% more efficient than standard models and can save you hundreds of dollars yearly on your energy bills.

In the meantime, you can improve the efficiency of your older unit by having it serviced every year and changing the filter regularly.