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American Standard and Trane are well-recognized as industry leaders in the manufacture of high-quality heating and cooling systems. These systems provide a range of benefits for residential users, including high energy efficiency, quiet operation, visual appeal, and durability.

Officially, American Standard and Trane are two separate brands, in reality, they are made by the same people in the same factories. Even with their exceptional standards, heating and air conditioning products from American Standard and Trane can and do malfunction over time.

When your American Standard/Trane system develops problems or stops working altogether, call on the repair experts at West Coast Chief Repair. Our specialists have decades of experience troubleshooting and fixing this legendary manufacturer’s full range of available products.

Whatever issue you’re experiencing, we’ll provide you with an accurate diagnosis and carry out a repair that restores the high standard of operation you’ve come to expect.

American Standard Air Conditioners

American Standard manufactures a range of air conditioning units for home use. While the specific cooling capacity differs from model to model, the line as a whole shares certain features in common.

A short list of these features includes high operating efficiency and low noise production. Some of the company’s ACs feature single-stage cooling, while others feature a multi-stage cooling approach.

The specialists at West Coast Chief are well-versed in the specifics of older and newer American Standard air conditioners. No matter which specific model you have installed, we understand the details of its operation. We also understand the underlying issues when things go wrong, and provide you with a targeted repair that meets the needs of your particular unit.

American Standard Furnaces

American Standard also manufactures a full line of residential furnaces, including models that run on natural gas, as well as electric and oil-powered. Some American Standard furnaces are designed to form part of a central air system that also facilitates air conditioning, while others function as standalone units.

Our decades of accumulated expertise allow us to troubleshoot and repair all American Standard furnaces, whether gas-, electricity- or oil-powered. We apply the same high standard of care to standalone models and models integrated into a larger central air setup.

American Standard Heat Pumps

Heat pumps provide indoor warmth by pulling residual heat from the air outside your home. Many homeowners prefer to install these modern units instead of relying on a traditional furnace arrangement. American Standard produces half a dozen heat pump models for the consumer market.

Like the company’s air conditioners, these products share such desirable features as low-noise operation and industry-leading efficiency. They also come in standalone configurations and units that form part of a central air system. The knowledge required to diagnose and repair a heat pump differs significantly from the knowledge required to perform the same work on a traditional furnace.

In addition, American Standard’s products have features that distinguish them from other manufacturers. At West Coast Chief, we provide expert servicing for all heat pumps, including those produced by this trusted manufacturer.

American Standard Packaged Systems

Packaged heating and cooling systems get their name because they house all of their main components in one location instead of distributing them between indoor and outdoor locations. They’re increasingly popular, in large part because they provide significant space savings when compared to traditional “split” systems. American Standard offers a complete line of household packaged setups, including air conditioners, heat pumps, and central air units.

Some of the company’s central-air packaged systems feature a hybrid arrangement that combines gas-powered heat with electricity-based cooling. Packaged systems are a relatively new development.

From day one, we’ve taken the time to learn the details of these systems and develop the same standard of service that distinguishes all of our appliance repairs.

Whether you rely on a packaged American Standard air conditioner, heat pump or central air unit, you’ll find that no one in the Los Angeles area can beat our diagnostic and repair capabilities.

American Standard Ductless Systems

Ductless heating and cooling systems are also known as mini-split systems. Instead of relying on a network of interior ducts to provide your whole house with warm or cool air, they directly heat or cool individual rooms or indoor zones. Many homeowners have come to prefer a ductless arrangement for reasons that include increased control over interior temperatures and reduced utility costs.

A ductless setup typically has two parts: an indoor unit mounted on a wall or ceiling and an outdoor compressor tied directly to the indoor unit through a small hole drilled through the wall. American Standard manufactures a full line of both interior and exterior ductless products.

Like packaged systems, ductless systems represent a relatively new approach to household heating and cooling. At West Coast Chief, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the professional servicing of these innovative, efficient and space-saving products.

Regardless of the interior or exterior American Standard model you have installed in your home, we know what it takes to make accurate, timely repairs. Our services cover the company’s ductless heat pumps and combination units in all of their configurations.

American Standard Geothermal Systems

Geothermal systems provide another modern-day approach to indoor temperature control. They work by transferring heat between the interior of your home and the surrounding ground. This transfer process can provide warmth in the wintertime, as well as cooling in the summer.

Like a number of other high-quality manufacturers, American Standard has entered the geothermal market. They offer a range of indoor, outdoor, and packaged units capable of heating and cooling.

We treat your American Standard geothermal system with the same care and professionalism we provide for all other heating and cooling products.

In all cases, we combine our underlying knowledge of the technology you have installed with our manufacturer-specific knowledge of American Standard products. The end result is a truly targeted diagnostic and repair service.

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Decades of top-quality work have established West Coast Chief Repair as a clear leader in appliance repair throughout greater Los Angeles. We’re proud to apply our time-tested proficiency to the comprehensive line of American Standard heating and cooling products.

Whether you’re experiencing a seemingly minor issue or a major breakdown, we’ll provide the knowledge and services required to restore your valued indoor comfort.

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